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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Vintage Synth Lab : D-ENV

Published on Dec 31, 2017 Vintage SynthLab

"The D-ENV is two modules in one. A utility and effect, for both module functions. A standard exponential analog envelope generator (AR/ADSR), plus a Delayed Gate / Trigger & Gate-Hold with independent access to all both module functions, yet linkable via the push of a front panel switch--in order to route either a Delayed Gate or Delayed Trigger to the inertial AR/ADSR as initial EG triggering or additional "re-trigger" of the AR/ADSR function."


Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Leploop Bongo Eurorack Module

|_/ Bongo |_| Module \_|
New euro rack module Bongo.
Bongo It's LEP design for Bongo\Tom sounds.
Same as Cassa with an octave higher pitch range.
Available in two version, Normal and CV.
Bongo as Cassa and Piattino accepts different type of signal Trig, CV, Audio.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

A Senior Design Synthesizer

Published on Dec 28, 2017 haggariah

"Senior Design Project '17.

This was our groups project. Total time spent on this project: 2 semesters.

Advisor: Dr. Xie

Group Members: Brooks Anderson, DeMarcus Boone, Katrina Rosemond, Markeevis Stevens"

Buchla-ish touch panel keys. Cool mini blue synth. MIDI2CV 5U MIDI CV/GATE/TRIGGERS Modular Interface

via this auction

Some details in Googlish via

"This module is articulated around an arduino with a home integration. Four CV output, six gate / trig outputs, one clock input. All inputs / outputs are protected. The CV outputs work between 0 and 8 volts to cover a range of 8 octaves.
The whole electronics comes on a 90x90mm PCB mounted perpendicular to the facade.

The software allows to play fluently in all situations of games (related notes, quilts, outfits, etc.). All the notes supported are played immediately and all the notes are buffered and put in a FIFO type buffer.
For MIDI2CV functions to interface keyboards, sequencers or other MIDI system, it is possible to use this module in mono, polyphonic 1 channel and 4 separate channels but also a dual mode where you can play two right hand notes and left hand arpeggios if you have a keyboard with the split function or if you connect two keyboards. The Sustain MIDI pedal if it is connected to the keyboard (s) is managed according to the modes.

For the arpeggiator, four arpeggios are proposed clocked on the sixteenth note midi-clock if it is available or on an external clock. There are also several modes: fixed hold or pedal sustain, or free.

The MIDI2TRIG can send either trigs of a few milliseconds or Gates of the duration of the pressing of the keys on the outputs Gates in 0 / + 5V or on the outputs CV whose level will depend on the velocity of the note played . It is also possible to have 8 keys assigned to have 8 gates. The keys played are defined by default or assignable by a learning mode.

The CLOCK mode allows you to have the BMP midi at / 4, / 3, / 2, x1, x2, x3, x4. If the midi-cock is not available, then the external clock will also be available at the same reports. That is, divisor and also clock multiplier.

The MIDI2CC allows you to have the cutoff, and other main controls commands (CC) available on the outputs. CCs are defined and directly modifiable in the code.

Whatever the mode of use of the module, the signal of the midi clock (MIDI_CLOCK) will always be available on a dedicated output in x24 as well as the commands of stop / continue / stop on another dedicated output."

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New River Creative Technology Marble & Dendrites

Published on Dec 27, 2017 River Creative Technology

"Marble - Dual spectral tilt tone control

dual channel tone control
optionally stereo-linked, and CV controlled
switchable between spectral tilting (3dB/oct) and mid-range bell EQ
feedback control and soft saturation
designed with discrete transistor OTA cores

Dendrites - A multi-character multimode VCF / phaser

16 filter/phaser modes (4 LP, 4 BP, 2 HP, 2 phaser, and 4 mixed modes)
3 distinct resonance characters: Q-comp, Vintage, K-style
switchable organic sounding overdrive
linear and exponential FM
CV control over modes, resonance and frequency
designed with discrete transistor OTA cores
pleasantly saturating input stage with level trim and LED indication
envelope and modulation inputs with independent attenuvertors

Marble: EU: DIY Kit €195, Built €215, Outside EU: DIY Kit:  €161,16, Built:  €177,69
Dendrites: EU: DIY Kit €290, Built €325, Outside EU: DIY Kit:  €239,67, Built:  €268,60

* prices exclude shipping
** prices exclude shipping and customs duty/tax (if applicable in your country)

Both modules can be ordered now via, first units will be shipped on February 1st, 2018. Both modules are available in ready-made and DIY versions (partially assembled with SMD)."

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

DIY Drum Synthesizer synchronizes with Roland TB-03

Published on Dec 26, 2017 devoxxxide

"Using MIDI beat clock.

This Prototype based on STM32F4Discovery board."

Saturday, December 23, 2017

FX Capacitor Demo by SSL

Published on Oct 24, 2017 Doug Slocum

You might remember Atomic Shadow's pic of his FX Capacitor posted yesterday here. the above is the official demo by SSL. Below you'll find additional details on the module.

"Demonstrates the 15 awesome stereo audio effects produced by the FX Capacitor module from Synthetic Sound Labs.

It's 100% compatible with the MU style."

via SSL

"What has your synth been missing all these years? Effects – damn it!

At last, an MU module that delivers 15 near studio-quality effects – All in just 2 MU width. Oh Yeah! Very sweet!

Reverb 1
Reverb 2
Sci-Fi Shimmer
Space Shimmer
Stavely Springs
Infinite Freeze
Reverse Reverb
Pitch Shift
Slocum Phaser
Frequency Shifter

Select your effect using the Program knob, and the convenient LCD display will show the currently selected effect and it’s parameters. Up to three parameters (depending on the selected effect) that can be adjusted from the INIT controls on the front panel or voltage control them by using the CV-A, CV-B & CV-C inputs.

The FX Capacitor is built around the awesome Spin Semiconductor FV-1 chip (Spin Semiconductor). The FV-1’s seven built-in effects are already awesome, but SSL just couldn’t stop there. Oh no. We had to add 8 more carefully chosen effects that will expand your sonic palette.

Space Shimmer is the brain-child of Gary Worsham. Shimmer is a type of reverb that applies upward pitch shifting (usually by octaves) into the feedback loop for some really ethereal sounds.

Stavely Springs is courtesy of Don Stavely. Don has figured out how to accurately model some of the original dual spring reverb units from the 1970’s. They sound great. If you pulse them, they even “sploing”. The only thing they can’t do is react to physically kicking your module to shake the springs.

The Flanger and Slocum Phaser have a cool feature that allows the Depth knob and CV input to have manual control when the Speed knob is fully counter-clockwise. You can also select between 4, 6, 8 or 10 phase stages on the Slocum Phaser.

Some programs have stereo inputs, some are summed L + R to mono before hitting the effects, and some have different effects on the L & R channels. Play, play, play – and enjoy!

Since effects and feedback settings can conspire to overload the 1350 module, there’s “CLIP” LED on the front panel. Depending on the signal source, a bit of input attenuation might be required to keep things from getting out of hand. Here’s a trick you can use to control the input level – Plug your audio input into the FB_IN inputs instead of the SIG_IN. You can then use the FEEDBACK control as an attenuator. Cool, huh?"

New Retro Synth PCB : OPL2LPT

1. LGR - Adlib Sound Over Parallel! The OPL2LPT - Lazy Game Reviews
2. Ad-Lib Sound Card for the Parallel Port - The 8-Bit Guy
3. Adlib Yamaha OPL sound in DOS games on a Core i7 - PhilsComputerLab
4. OPL2LPT prototype update 2 more punch - adlib jukebox - Serdaco

OPL2LPT is a new product from the makers of DreamBlaster X2. The following are some details in directly via the maker, Serdaco:

"This is a parallel port based soundcard featuring the yamaha OPL2 chip set. OPL2LPT can be used for DOS gaming, thanks to the TSR and patching utility we created. But this also allows music production (for example using adlib tracker). I have made a batch of solder kits, and some presoldered boards, available in my webshop.

And via Serdashop

"OPL2 'adlib' FM synthesis sound card for the parallel port.
Available as High quality solder kit.
Also available as completely hand soldered, and fully tested boards.
--> select the soldering option while ordering.

This board
- includes authentic legendary Yamaha OPL2 chips.
- includes a headphone amp

A new batch, very limited edition available now."

Roland Introduces Cloud Version of the Classic JV-1080

Left pic via Ask.Audio

And the announcement via Roland:

"4.8 Holiday Update is Live!

First, the big news...

This holiday season, the folks at Roland Cloud have been working extra hard to bring you a giant dose of holiday cheer. For starters, we’re overjoyed to deliver the highly-anticipated, Roland Cloud software adaptation of one of the most popular synthesizers in history: The Roland JV-1080.

The most famous of the Roland PCM powerhouses, the Roland JV-1080 is the ‘down to the circuit’ inspiration for the Roland Cloud JV-1080 software plugin. It was a huge success with artists and producers, and eventually lead to even more powerful models in the series such as the JV-2080 and XV-5080.

While the Roland Cloud JV-1080 has the look, feel and factory patches of the original, it has the expanded effects, additional waveforms, and increased polyphony of its successors. It’s like the JV-1080 you know and love, but enhanced to go toe to toe in your DAW with any contemporary software synthesizer.

If you are a Roland Cloud Core Member or are enjoying our 30 day free trial, you should see the JV-1080 available for download and installation via Roland Cloud Manager!"


PCM Heaven
Throughout the 1990s, Roland digital synthesizers based on PCM sampled waveforms formed the basis of music as diverse as R&B, pop, hip-hop, new wave and film scores. Some of these sounds, originally meant to mimic acoustic instruments, became so iconic themselves that they’ve become a permanent part of the collective musical sound palette. Some say it’s the most recorded sound module in history, and lately artists have been utilizing these sounds again, in new and modern ways.

The JV-1080 is the most famous of the Roland PCM powerhouses, and the inspiration for the Roland Cloud JV-1080. It was a huge success with artists and producers, eventually leading to even more powerful models like the JV-2080 and XV-5080. While the Roland Cloud JV-1080 has the look, feel and factory patches of the original, it has the expanded effects, additional waveforms, and increased polyphony of its successors. Bottom line: this is the ultimate in 90s-era Roland sound—now in a modern plugin for your DAW.

More of everything
The Roland Cloud JV-1080 has everything artists love about the original hardware plus new capabilities from its successors. Including the 448 waveforms of the original, the JV-1080 plugin has over 1000 waveforms to combine and mutate into fresh, original patches. Effects are an integral part of the JV-1080 sound and here the original 40 MFX types have been expanded to 78, along with more reverb and chorus algorithms. The Roland Cloud JV-1080 also features double the polyphony, two additional time-variant low-pass filters, a step LFO and enhanced Matrix Control functions.

Prime Digital
Dripping with retro-cool stabs and effects, iconic guitars and strings, and evocative plucked and ethnic instruments, the JV-1080 is also a deep, programmable synthesizer capable of some neat digital tricks. Layers of meticulous PCM samples, two LFOs, multiple time variant filters, a flexible modulation matrix and effects galore make the JV-1080 a formidable weapon for those who know how to wield it. The Roland Cloud JV-1080 has full graphical control of parameters making tone-crafting feel new and exciting, whether it’s adding authentic 90s vibe to a track or reimagining these sounds in new ways."

You can fid the user manual here.

Maximum Polyphony 128 voices
Sound Generator D-50 Compatible LA (Linear Arithmetic) Synthesis
Part 1 part
Tone Memory Type 2 Types (Patch/Rhythm Set)
Waves 1,083 waves
Effects Multi Effects: 78
Chorus: 3
Reverb: 5
Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz
Memories per bank 128 memories
User can make new user banks
Plug-In Formats VSTi 2.4(64bit)* Windows only
VSTi 3.6(64bit)

Friday, December 22, 2017

Arturia announces Analog Lab 3

Published on Dec 22, 2017 Arturia

"Analog Lab 3 gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets from our award-winning V Collection. Featuring sounds from all 21 faithfully modeled vintage keyboards, combining awe-inspiring sound with exceptional ease of use and awesome features.

In addition to studying the feedback from the music community, our developers worked hand-in-hand with professional ergonomists to optimize each aspect of this music production & performance dream instrument. It resulted in an intuitive interface, a beautifully organized category based browsing experience, and natural mapping of the sonic parameters, creating a self-contained sonic encyclopedia of legendary sounds."

"All of your favorite go-to sounds at your fingertips

Analog Lab gives you the best of 21 instruments that made music history, all in one convenient place.
Analog synthesizers. Digital synthesizers. Acoustic pianos. Electric pianos. Organs. Strings machines. With the best of 21 vintage instrument reproductions on tap, Analog Lab lets you transcend time and style by arming you with everything from the most iconic sounds of the past to modern sound designs that are cutting edge today. Whether you’re composing, recording or performing, over 5000 sounds cover every song, genre, mood and ambience you can think of—no programming required. Use it standalone or with your favorite DAW.

Unleash the sonic power of keyboard history’s greatest hits for your musical adventures."

Thursday, December 21, 2017

New KORG Collection for Mac/Win & a Notice Regarding KORG USER NET

KORG Collection for Mac/Win | SOFTWARE INSTRUMENTS Published on Dec 21, 2017 Korg

KORG has announced an update to the KORG Legacy Collection. The update is free for current Legacy Collection owners. If you are on KORG USER NET be sure to see the note on the upcoming server migration including the partial termination of service of KORG USER NET further below.

"The many great sounds that marked an era. A synthesizer collection completely reconstructed in software.

Released in 2004, the KORG Legacy Collection was a pioneer of software synthesizers. Featuring a sound produced by authentic simulation of the analog and digital circuits of the legendary KORG synthesizers, the Legacy Collection has remained a best seller to this day.

Now, we are proud to announce the release of the updated KORG Collection featuring the addition of the ARP ODYSSEY. You can pursue in software the extreme feeling and sounds of this unique analog hardware synth, the ARP ODYSSEY re-issued by KORG. The updated Collection is equipped with new features especially suited to software, such as polyphonic compatibility and a rich, high-quality effects section.

Some features widely requested by users will be added to the KORG Collection in future updates. We plan to support AAX format and refine the user interface on a large-scale among other improvements but until then we hope you love all the new features so far and enjoy making music with the KORG Collection of synthesizers offered by KORG.

Faithfully Reconstructed Authentic Sound

With Korg’s original Component Modeling Technology (CMT), the KORG Legacy Collection doesn’t just simulate the output sound as is the case with typical modeling. Rather it digitizes the components used in the original hardware synthesizers and uses this reconstruction of the hardware circuits to emulate all the nuances of the original instruments. The new software addition to this release, the ARP ODYSSEY, was based on the ARP Odyssey introduced by Korg in 2015 with the advisory assistance of ARP Instruments’ co-founder in the 1970s and Odyssey designer, David Friend. Now you too can experience the authentic sound of the ARP ODYSSEY, part of the updated KORG Collection.

New Features Unique to Software

KORG Collection has undergone a variety of improvements necessary for today’s music production. For example, we have made the MS-20 polyphonic, equipped Polysix with external modulation settings and equipped Mono/Poly with virtual patch functionality, which allows for multi-colored sound production. In addition, we have equipped ARP ODYSSEY with features such as filters from each of the three original Odysseys produced between 1972 and 1981, and added important features such drive circuitry to boost the VCA, voice mode which allows for chord playing, a programmable arpeggiator, and high-quality effects. This is a new and exciting high-performance synthesizer!

Get the sound you aspire to with plug-ins

KORG Collection is not just standalone software. As a plug-in* compatible with AU, VST, each title can be used in the various production environments found in Mac / Windows. Add flair to your music composition with a variety of timeless, legendary sounds.

* Only supports 64bit plug-ins.

For Current Users of KORG Legacy Collection: Announcement of
Server Migration Accompanying Partial Termination of Service

We will soon be migrating our server to KORG ID and KORG Shop along with the partial termination of service of KORG USER NET. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to KORG Legacy Collection users. We request that you follow the instructions on the page below to complete the migration procedures. Using the coupon code which will be issued, you will be able to switch from the KORG Legacy Collection series to KORG Collection free of charge."
You can find the page here.


Published on Dec 21, 2017 Møffenzeef Mødular


Bus Mult alløws yøu tø passively distribute signals thrøughøut yøur system using a twø pin jumper cable øn the back øf each mødule. Bus Mults can either be daisy chained tø øne anøther in an endless cascade ør cønnected directly tø the cv ør gate bus øn yøur busbøard. This distributiøn methød alløws yøu tø save a sløt øn yøur mult that nørmally wøuld be reserved før linking twø mults tøgether. It is nøw alsø pøssible tø have øne signal be distributed løng distances thrøughøut yøur system withøut the need før løng cables. Each mødule cømes in a pack øf three, with a øne føøt twø pin Dupønt jumper cable. Lønger cables can be built ør purchased frøm cømmøn electrønics suppliers. This mødule døes nøt need pøwer, sø yøu can grab a bunch and scatter them thrøughøut yøur case withøut wørrying abøut current draw. Get rid ø' dat spaghetti bra!!!"

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Intellijel Mixup - Compact Mono/Stereo Chainable Mixer Eurorack Module

Published on Dec 20, 2017

"The Intellijel Mixup is a high quality compact audio mixer module for Eurorack. You can connect up to two mono inputs and three stereo inputs for a total of eight possible audio channels. Level controls and muting switches are available for the first three sets of channels. It also offers the handy ability of being chainable so that you can link more than one module to create an even bigger mixer."

"Mixup is a versatile, expandable audio mixer for eurorack format. It has eight front panel inputs and two outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are single-channel mono inputs, each with its own mute switch and level control; Input 3 is a dual-channel stereo input with a shared mute and level control; and input 4 is an auxiliary unity-gain, non-mutable stereo input.

Using bus connectors on the back panel, you can chain multiple Mixups together in series, giving you the ability to mix together even more inputs, or to create sub-mixes for routing around larger systems.

Because Mixup is designed specifically for audio (and not for CV mixing), it uses AC-coupled circuitry (which reduces the potential for ‘pops’ when muting and unmuting audio), and it uses audio-grade, logarithmic attenuators for a smooth, even response across the entire volume range."

BARD Synthesizers - IVAN (Phosphor/Vacuum Tube Overdrive/Distortion) @

Published on Dec 20, 2017 eightball

"BARD Synthesizers - IVAN is phosphor/vacuum tube asymmetric overdrive/distortion module for eurorack modular synthesizers.

IVAN's heart is Russian vacuum tube IV-15 which can act like soft/hard clipper, saturator, wave procesor."

'Ivan is an overdrive unit that uses tiny Vacuum Fluorescent Display to process incoming audio signals (yes, because it’s a triode!). It accepts DC coupled signals as well allowing it to operate as cool and nice indicator (still with useful AC coupled output). It offers a plenty of gain and hot 10V peak-to-peak output of asymmetrical triode-diode clipping.

Controls (from top):

Audio input level

3HP / 30 mm depth without connector
current needs: +12V: 50mA, -12V: 10mA
generates little of heat"


Tactilator (Tactile Modulator) Analogue Modulation Station Synth

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated.

via this auction

"Tactilator (Tactile Modulator) Station for the processing/shaping of incoming audio.

See control map photo for full functionality. [below]

Works particularly well with an" Otrillodyne" Drone Synth (See separate listing)
but can accept any input via 1/4 inch jack.


All recycled materials + vintage bakelite knobs that I collected in the early 2000's

Genuinely sorry to be selling this but our shitty car has packed in...


Green Tube - Blinks in time with the LFO

1/4 inch audio input
Mute Switch
Input Level
Octave Down Level
Octave Switch

Envelope Level
LFO level
LFO Freq

Patchable: VCF, CV, IN
Waveform Select VCF, VCA, VCR

VCA Volume,
Envelope Level
LFO level

Envelope Level
LFO level

Master Volume
1/4 inch Output

Patchable: Ground

Envelope Time

Gate Source

The Tactilator has 6 keys and 6 outputs with associated tuning knobd.

Ships with instructions and Control Map and Power Supply.

Make sure to connect wire marked + on power supply to + power bolt (+ is stamped onto wood above correct terminal)"

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

New Paraphonic Synth Module from Radikal Technologies in the Works

via Jörg Schaaf of Radikal Technologies.

"Nothing compares to this special moment, when you assemble a new frontpanel with knobs, LEDs and buttons for the first time."

Looks 3hp, so likely a new eurorack module.  Paraphonic implies polyphonic through one filter, shared envelope, etc.  You can take a look at some of the controls in the pics.  It appears to be a mini synth module with Mod, Mixer, VCF, ADSR, VCA, and FX sections.  The OSC section is likely offscreen to the left.

RetroSound MK-100 Kontakt Instrument

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Kontakthub

"The RetroSound MK100 is a combined synth and drum machine based on the MK100 from the early 80s, lovingly recreated for NI’s Kontakt sampler.

All synth presets can be customised with different waveforms and envelopes in exactly the same way as the hardware, together with the chorus and tremolo effects.

In addition we have the ability to bring Kontakt’s synth engine to bear on the source sounds, so each of the two synth layers can have it’s own independent filter and envelope settings.

All the preset drum patterns and fills are present, as is the Custom Drummer. The drum voices aren’t just limited to the straight preset sounds on the hardware, but can be modified in a number ways - and in addition to the real-time pattern recording from the original, a full graphic step editor lets you edit your patterns, as well as full MIDI keyboard driven operation for real-time jamming and creative sessions.

And the effects page ties it all together with a reverb and delay, and some other output effects to further shape the output - or you can just leave the FX off and use your usual plugins as required."

EBM Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5"

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Evgeny Gurov

New Soviet DIY synth. Link to the workshop:

EBM Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" EBM Bass
Жирный Бас "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" Fat Bass
Жирный Лид "Звуковой Объект №5" / Analog synthesizer "Sound Object N5" Fat Lead
Небольшой обзор аналогового синтезатера "Звуковой объект №5"

Some pics:

Monday, December 18, 2017

PM Foundations FK24 VCF YT

Published on Dec 18, 2017 Randy Piscione

"Here's a demo of the FK24 voltage controlled filter from PM Foundations. Gets more odd as things progress. Around 2:30 it started making some interesting vowel-ish noises. This stuff is nice, check it out."

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New Intellijel Module Demos & Eurorack Cases

Published on Dec 16, 2017 intellijel

1. Intellijel 1U Pedal Interface
The Intellijel 1U Pedal Interface makes it easy to integrate your eurorack system with your effects pedals. It offers inputs and outputs, along with knobs to control send and return levels as well as your wet/dry mix.

The module is made up of two parts, the Interface Control, and Interface IO. The Interface Control module is able to connect directly to the IO jacks on our 7U cases to save your HP!

In this video we used our modules with the following pedals:
Strymon Bigsky, Boss, SD-1 Super Distortion, Elektron Analog Heat, Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy, Moog MF-105M MIDI Murf, and the Proco Rat.

2. Intellijel Audio Interface II
This module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro balanced line level world (+4dBu). You can send and return to rack mount/desktop fx units, patch to external line level instruments like synths and drum machines, interface to a DAW and much more.

2 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ to Eurorack modular level input paths
2 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output paths
4 x six stage led VU meter to monitor all inputs and outputs simultaneously
Uses high quality THATCorp balanced line drivers and receiver ICs.
Input path has up to 20dB of gain which allows you to patch in low level consumer level signals and boost them. 0dB = 10Vpp (nominal Eurorack level)
Output path steps a nominal Eurorack level (10Vpp) down to +4dBu with up to +6dB gain.
Skiff friendly

3. Intellijel Line Out 1U
Line Out 1U - Eurorack level to Balanced Pro Line Level Ouput Shifter in 1U

This module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro balanced line level world (+4 dBu). You can send audio out to rack mount/desktop FX units, patch to external line-level instruments like synths and drum machines, interface to a DAW, and much more.

1 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output path
Uses a high quality THATCorp balanced line driver IC
Output path steps a nominal Eurorack level (10 Vpp) down to +4 dBu with up to +6 dB gain.

4. Intellijel Line In 1U
Line In 1U Balanced Line Level Input to Eurorack level Shifter in 1U
This module allows you to connect balanced line level audio (+4 dBu) into your Eurorack modular system. It is a compact and easy way to patch in a rack mount/desktop FX units, external line-level instruments like synths and drum machines, outputs from your DAW, or many other line level sources.

1 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ input path to Eurorack modular signal level.
Uses a high quality THATCorp balanced line receiver IC
Input path boosts a -10dBV or +4dBU balanced line level signal to Eurorack modular signal with adjustable gain.

5. Intellijel Headphones 1U
High quality headphone amp capable of driving consumer and studio grade heaphones with excellent bass response and loud levels.

This module can also be used as a line level stereo output.

6. Intellijel Audio IO 1U & Jacks
This module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro balanced line level world (+4 dBu). You can send and return to rack mount/desktop FX units, patch to external line-level instruments like synths and drum machines, interface to a DAW, and much more.

2 x Balanced TRS 1/4″ to Eurorack modular level input paths
2 x Eurorack modular level signals to Balanced TRS 1/4″ output paths
4 x two-stage LED VU meter to monitor all inputs and outputs simultaneously
Uses high quality THATCorp balanced line drivers and receiver ICs.
Input path has up to 20 dB of gain which allows you to patch in low level consumer level signals and boost them. 0 dB = 10 Vpp (nominal Eurorack level)
Output path steps a nominal Eurorack level (10 Vpp) down to +4 dBu with up to +6 dB gain.
This module connects to the Audio I/O JACKS module via ribbon cable. The same ribbon cable can be used to connect to the rear-mounted audio jacks of the 7U performance cases.

7.Intellijel Cases
Intellijel has a range of sleek and well engineered cases to give your Eurorack modules a worthy home. In 4U we offer 42, 84, and 104HP models, as well as 7U cases in 84 and 104HP. They all ship with threaded rails, and high capacity, studio grade power supplies with plenty of connections for your modules.

Our cases all feature a 1U row, which allows you to install a number of useful utilities to suit your needs for the stage or studio, while freeing up valuable 3U rack space.

Our cases are the perfect solution to house, power and protect your system with no compromises.

Patch n Tweak
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