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Thursday, July 18, 2019

UltraRollz Farm-Detective Analog Synthesizer -Ellitone-

Published on Jul 18, 2019 ellitone instruments

via Etsy

"The UltraRollz Farm Detective is an all Analog Modular Synthesizer that rewards those who go deep.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tactilator (Tactile Modulator) Analogue Modulation Station Synth

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via this auction

"Tactilator (Tactile Modulator) Station for the processing/shaping of incoming audio.

See control map photo for full functionality. [below]

Works particularly well with an" Otrillodyne" Drone Synth (See separate listing)
but can accept any input via 1/4 inch jack.


All recycled materials + vintage bakelite knobs that I collected in the early 2000's

Genuinely sorry to be selling this but our shitty car has packed in...


Green Tube - Blinks in time with the LFO

1/4 inch audio input
Mute Switch
Input Level
Octave Down Level
Octave Switch

Envelope Level
LFO level
LFO Freq

Patchable: VCF, CV, IN
Waveform Select VCF, VCA, VCR

VCA Volume,
Envelope Level
LFO level

Envelope Level
LFO level

Master Volume
1/4 inch Output

Patchable: Ground

Envelope Time

Gate Source

The Tactilator has 6 keys and 6 outputs with associated tuning knobd.

Ships with instructions and Control Map and Power Supply.

Make sure to connect wire marked + on power supply to + power bolt (+ is stamped onto wood above correct terminal)"

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

HS-MONSTER Synthesizer/Sequencer

Published on Oct 18, 2017 Peley Krane

Available on Etsy:

"A Digital Synthesizer And Step-Sequencing Brain In One Device That Can be "Played" in RealTime as a Performance Instrument, OR
be Programmed/Sequenced to Perform Longer Polyphonic Chord Arrangements/Compositions

A SONAR-DISTANCE-SENSOR on the Front Face and [360 DIAL/Push-BUTTON] on Top of the Unit Provide Control of the Internal Synthesis Engine and Polyphonic Sequencing Brain

The Hog Shed Monster IS a Polyphonic 4-Voice WaveTable Synthesizer:

25 WaveForms Inside, Each Designed to be Digitally Vibrant and Bright, Giving the Hog Shed Monster Its
Unique Tonal Character.

Friday, September 08, 2017


Published on Sep 8, 2017 Peter B

"About the new Deerhorn Organ, with intersections:"

You can find previous posts on the Deerhorn here.


"The design of the Deerhorn circuit has evolved much since it was first created to answer Clara Rockmore's original complaint with the Theremin: "Can there be more than one pitch?". Lev Theremin responded that one would need more than two arms, but the Deerhorn makes this possible by extracting gestural information from the radio fields and using it to control pitch and envelope. The current unit contains three of these antenna-synthesizer modules, and adds two extra, highly useful modules known as intersections.

An intersection module simply samples one deerhorn's antenna voltage at impulses provided by another module. It is a sample and hold, triggered by changes in gestural direction. Since there are three modules, there are six permutations, doubled because each module reports changes in both directions; there are twelve new outputs, plus four special ones that sample in random steps. Each deerhorn module emits a different light— red, orange, and yellow— which also color-codes the intersection bananas to show which module is being sampled.

The Deerhorn modules are color coded. An [orange banana] reports its primary product: a control voltage representing the hand's distance from antenna. The impulses utilized in intersections, are also available as [red bananas]. These are like two complimentary square waves that flip when the hand changes direction.

The base tone of deerhorn is a simple two tone straight bellow. That's as your hand moves in towards the antenna and back out again. You must always tune the response first, so that the two leds cross each other at a comfortable range from the antenna. Fine tuning is done with the top knob.

The bottom cluster of controls deal with the synthesizer frequencies. The bottom knob sets the base pitch of both oscillators. The next two knobs are associated with the [purple bananas]: they are FM tuning knobs. The switch on the stub of the deerhorn orients the stereo position of the oscillators. In middle position, it turns them off (for the stereo auxiliary inputs). The white bananas output the same stereo sound which is output the main output, but in single tracks so it can be used as separate modulation sources..."

Friday, April 28, 2017

Blinksonic // VOZ° // Virtual Vocalist Generator For Reaktor 6

Published on Apr 26, 2017 BLINKSONIC°

via Blinksonic:

VOZ° is a new sampling concept based on vocal formants.
This ensemble for Reaktor 6 resynthesizes a real singer voice from a list of vocal articulation samples that can be sketched into multi layer singing parts and played chromatically trough a powerfull 4 voice sampler and a suit of 10 effects.

From mutant choirs, backing vocals, rising screams, funky hits, experimental sound fx, to playable vocal parts...
VOZ° explores various aspects on how vocal sound material can be operated in a virtual instrument and allows to inject a dose of human soul in modern electronic composition.

VOZ° comes with a collection of 1520 basic waveforms including elements of speaking, screaming, whispering, breathing, yelling, laughing, growling, throating... All kind of vowels, phonetics, accents and onomatopoeias… Even whole words and piece of phrases ready to be used as sources of oscillation that can be launched with in predefined random order.

With 100 presets ready to go, a smart modulation system, NKS compatible, and many other features, VOZ° promises noisy, punky and unconventional experiences, for both lyrical and epic sonic adventures.
Probably the vocal sound object, the wildest one of its kind actually.


Direct download from

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Superbooth 2017 - Animal Factory Amplification Indian Pedals & Synths From India

Published on Apr 27, 2017 DivKidVideo

Primordial Synth Theory synth effects box comes in at the end.

"It was great to meet Adi from Animal Factory Amplification to chat about his fuzz and distortion pedals aimed at bass, synths and drum machines (great with guitar too of course) as well as his new prototype synth. We check out the products with a Korg Volca Sample and Volca Keys as well as chatted about the scene in India."

Note this is the first Animal Factory Amplification post on the site. We have a new maker on the site.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Published on Feb 28, 2017 eowave

"Demo of the first protoype of the MICRO_DRONES. The next version will have some memory and feature a USB socket rather than battery clip"

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Noisy BSTRD & Lerango

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Published on Feb 5, 2017 Tara Pattenden

"Make mega harsh noise with this NOISY BSTRD. Three oscillators clash and combine with a fauxcoder for extra

via Reverb

"The Noisy Bstrd was created by phantom chips in collaboration with dutch noise artist Kutwyv.

The Noisy Bstrd screams and spits a rainbow of harsh noise.

Featuring three frequency mixed oscillators and a fauxcoder for an extra noise layer.

The second run is currently in production. There are differing colour options of red, green or royal blue.

2 x knob controlled oscillators
1 x controlled fauxcoder
1 x light controlled oscillator
Switch between 2 or 3 oscillators
1 x Volume control
1/4" jack socket
Plastic housing

runs on 9v power, centre negative (common guitar pedal power). Power supply not included. Custom requests can often be accommodated."

Lerango Drone demo Published on Feb 9, 2017 Tara Pattenden

via Reverb

"A machine for creating drones and atonal rhythms featuring 3 Oscillators.

Pitch control for each oscillator

Volume control for each oscillator

6.5" jack output

9v power supply output (not included)"

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

DreamBlaster X2 General MIDI Wavetable Synthesizer Board

Published on Jan 9, 2017 PhilsComputerLab

"This is a video review of the DreamBlaster X2, a brand new wavetable General MIDI synthesizer board for classic sound cards like the Sound Blaster, ESS Audio Drive and many others.

This device has lots of features, the USB interface allows software customisation, uploading of sound fonts and doubles as a USB MIDI interface, turning the X2 into an stand-alone MIDI module.

We will check out the product, I walk you through the supplied software, the preset editor, the upload tool and how to use everything.

At the end of the video are some sound recordings of classic DOS games:

12:27 Duke Nukem 3D
13:28 Settlers II
14:40 Doom II
18:27 Descent
20:58 System Shock
23:06 Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate
24:12 Wing Commander: Privateer"


"DreamBlaster X2 Advanced WaveBlaster + USB Synth

Have a look at the user manual

- Small formfactor midi PCB : 65mm x 38mm size
- Black color PCB
- Dream 5000 series synth chip with 81 voices polyphony, high quality effects engine
- Waveblaster compatible connector for use on soundcards (such as Soundblaster 16, Audician 32, ESS AudioDrive, Aureal Vortex 2 and many others...) and DIY projects.
- Super low latency <1ms - 64mbyte flash for soundbank data - USB MIDI in (Class compliant midi device, works on windows XP without drivers) - stereo line out using a high quality 24 bit DAC - Preloaded with a high quality 16 megabyte Dream General MIDI soundbank ( - DreamBlaster Preset editor / USB uploader tool for advanced customization/tweaking. Downloads available at"

Monday, January 16, 2017

the NOISE BOX -spykes- stand alone !!

Published on Jan 16, 2017 paul tas

via Error Instruments

"After the success of the Euro rack module now also stand alone for noise / soundscape and easy to connect to guitar pedals

this is a small production of 10 max

Spikes is a module with 14 touch points.

The skull is part of the touch. function

you can mix it to generate different sounds or CV.

o it's a voice but also a controller for CV.

The sound spectrum goes far, above 20,000 hertz and what the human ear can hear. ultra sound at the frequency how dolphins or bats communicate .

The attack have a natural decay by touching the spikes you create complex combinations.

The human contact is the source.

It has two CV inputs with VCA character.

with 4 x variables oscillators

in different wave forms

CV out
1x audio out
1x audio out big jack side
power sub
batery clip"

Patch n Tweak
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