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Thursday, July 18, 2019

UltraRollz Farm-Detective Analog Synthesizer -Ellitone-

Published on Jul 18, 2019 ellitone instruments

via Etsy

"The UltraRollz Farm Detective is an all Analog Modular Synthesizer that rewards those who go deep.

The Instrument is divided into 3 sections. A Dual UltraSound Filter module in the center and 2 "Rollz Plates" (one located on either side).

The 2 Rollz Plates each contain 4 Independent Rollz. These Rollz are essentially Pulse Generators that each oscillate at a unique speed. Each Rollz Plate offers 2 Even Rollz (4 stages) and 2 Odd Rollz (3 stages).

The Even Rollz (4 stages) are able to self oscillate at a low consistent speed, outputting a positive pulse every cycle via the output jack located next to the LED (The LED flashes correspond to the output state of each Roll).

The Odd Rollz (3 stages) do not self-oscillate. They only come alive when patched together with other Rollz. These paradoxical oscillators will then begin emitting bursts of Ultra Sonic noise that will later be processed using the Dual UltraSound Filter located in the center of the instrument.

Each of the 8 Rollz offers individual patch points at every stage of their oscillation (36 patch points in total). These Nodal Points allow one to "weave" the independent Rollz Oscillators together, this is where all the fun begins!

By weaving together the inner workings of several Rollz, complex interactions or 'incidents' begin to occur. There really is no Right or Wrong way of connecting these Nodal Points together. I like to think of this whole process as "creating a thinking brain". The more connections that are made, the more likely that bizarre sounds (thoughts) will begin to take place.

At first, I began connecting the nodes together randomly. This always yields unexpected results. I then began having geometric ideas on how to connect the rollz together...

Once you have created your "thinking brain", it is now time to have it processed by the Dual UltraSound Filter Module (Center).

Heterodyne - Combine a high frequency signal with another to produce a lower frequency.

As stated previously, the Odd Rollz emit Ultra Sonic outbursts. These frequencies are too high for us to hear and must be converted down into the audible range. The UltraSound Filters do this using the principe of Heterodyning. Each of the Filters contain an internal High Frequency oscillator. This oscillator clashes with the incoming ultra sonic bursts. The clashing of these two high frequencies results in a bizarre new audible interpretation of the ultra sonic sounds.

Each of the UltraSound Filters have a potentiometer (knob) for adjusting the frequency of this internal high frequency oscillator, thus affecting the "Clash" point for incoming ultra sonic content.

The UltraSound Filters are arranged in Stereo.

The Rollz circuits are easily influenced by human touch. The exposed capacitors and resistors are all great points for touching and feeling. Influence your 'thinking brain' by pressing on these points. Hear how the electrical properties of human hands affect the operation of the Rollz circuits.


-Audio Out 3.55mm Stereo


(20) Jumper Patch Wires.

-A 9 volt Battery holder/connector

-3.5mm Audio Cable

frequently asked questions:
Q: "can I use the Rollz outputs with my other gear"
A: The Rollz positive outputs are between +6-7 volts.

Q: "can i power this with a wall wart?"
A: Yes, Power Supply MUST be +9 volts DC Center Pin Positive.

-every instrument i build is a small piece of myself. Thank you for the support -Ellis"


  1. A: Hartmann Neuron
    B: I really want an explanation as to what "farm detective" is supposed to mean.

  2. C: Another pointless, unpleasant sounding noise machine.


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