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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

New SynthR10 Synth In the Works

video upload by oZoe_fr

"Présentation du PCB du futur SynthR10.
Quelques écrans sont présentés sommairement. (Enveloppes, LFOs, Assignations, etc)"


"Presentation of the PCB of the future SynthR10.
Some screens are presented briefly. (Envelopes, LFOs, Assignments, etc.)"

Friday, August 25, 2023 MIDI RECORDER demo 1

video upload by oZoe_fr

"Vidéo de démonstration du MIDI RECORDER
Option 'last interval' ou 'auto loop' automatique
Tous les sons produits le sont avec le Mask1 de Kodamo."

Automatic 'last interval' or 'auto loop' option
All sounds produced are with Kodamo's Mask1."

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Bit chrush vco - vidéo 2

video upload by oZoe_fr

"Présentation sommaire du prototype du VCO numérique "Bit crusher VCO" d'
Enregistrement Stéréo de la sortie stéréo :-)"

video 1

Monday, February 28, 2022 Prototype Bit Crusher VCO Eurorack Module

Bit chrush vco video upload by oZoe_fr

"Présentation sommaire du prototype du VCO numérique 'Bit crusher VCO' d'"

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Accent sur Rhythm Composeur -

Published on May 6, 2020 PortamentoFr

"Cette vidéo, présente l'évolution majeure de la version dev.44 de la Rhythm Composeur d' (dev.42)."

"This video presents the major evolution of the dev.44 version of the Rhythm Composer from (dev.42)."

Saturday, April 25, 2020

RC Faire un rythme simple

Published on Apr 25, 2020 PortamentoFr

Comment faire un rythme simplement et rapidement.

Interesting side note: it used to be RYTHM COMPOSER. Now it's RHYTHM COMPOSER. :)


RC Exemple rythmes

Published on Apr 25, 2020

"Les rythmes de base du Rhythm Composer d' joués les uns après les autres à titre d'exemples."

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New SYNTHR3 Boutique Modular with Interchangeable Filters by SynthR & oZoe

SynthR3 Demo1 : first sequence test (Berlin School) sync on Electribe

Published on Dec 12, 2019 KurtzMindfields

"Introduce the SYNTHR3 made by Remy Wasselin et Jean-Luc Lartigue.
Prototype N°1
Today discovering the sound and possibilities of this Semi-Modular analog Mono/Paraphonic with 3 VCO + Sub VCO/ 2VCF / 2LFO / 2 VCA / S&H / Noise /Ring Modulator ... and Patch memories ! Arpegiator ! Step Sequencer !(chords or mono). Internal clock or MIDI Clock (as seen in the demo)
Just love it !!!!!!!! "

This one is in via Synth Anatomy who translated the details to English. You can find the SynthR website here.

"SYNTHR3 is a new Boutique modular analog Synthesizer from France with a prewired engine, interchangeable filters, and MIDI control.

The French developer Rémy Wasselin aka SynthR has today introduced the SYNTHR3, a new pre-wired modular analog Synthesizer. The synth is built into a beautiful, compact wooden case with a black faceplate and bluish light buttons.

SYNTHR3 is full analog and can be used in different modes (3-voice paraphonic, 2-voice poly bi-timbral or mono). In full mono (3 oscillators + 1 or 2 filters), paraphonic (3 voices) and duophonic. That’s not all. It also includes an arpeggiator mode with a virtual keyboard split with many possible modes. So VCO 2 can be linked to the arpeggio or free to play. In the sequencer mode, you can memorize the sequences in mono or Para1 mode.

Flexible 3-VCO Design

SYNTHR3 has three analog oscillators, each with different waveforms and modulation options. VCO 1 and 2 outputs triangle, sawtooth and pulse with PW control. VCO 3 includes triangle, reverse sawtooth and square waveforms. The first two oscillators also have dedicated inputs for FM and PWM that can be achieved via LFO1, LFO2, envelope, aftertouch, S&H or VCO2 (cross-mod). Also, you can sync VCO 2 with VCO 1 and apply glide (portamento) to both oscillators.

The third oscillator also includes PWM and frequency modulation via an envelope, aftertouch or LFO2. Further, you have a sub-oscillator with two sub-octaves. Octave -1 outputs triangle, sawtooth, square while octave -2 only square. SYNTHR3 also includes a noise generator (white/pink) and a flexible ring modulator (VCO 1 – 2 and/or VCO3 mixable). All signals come together in the mixer and can be routed independently to VCF 1 or/and VCF2.

Many Legendary Filters In One Synth

The filter section SYNTHR3 offers two filters (VCF) and contains filters from many legendary Synthesizer developers: ARP 4072, SEM, Moog, Steiner, CEM3320, and SI2044. Very exciting is here that all the filters are available and selectable in the Synthesizer. So you can have per example a Moog filter in VCF1 and SEM in the second.

Thursday, February 06, 2020 Dual ADSR 5U Module

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via this auction

Dual ADSR 5U Modular
professionally built
fully working
in excellent condition

Monday, January 13, 2020

RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev37 -

Published on Jan 13, 2020 PortamentoFr

Evolution Prototype eurorack drum machine with

"RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev16 -"

"RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution proto dev16 drum machine -""

See the label below for previous posts.

Monday, October 14, 2019

RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev16 -

Published on Oct 14, 2019 PortamentoFr

"RYTHM COMPOSER - Evolution boite à rythmes proto dev16 -"

Note finding this one on yet, but you will find a ton of DIY project there if interested.

Note you can turn on auto translate captions via the CC followed by Options (gear icon) in the bottom right of the player once started.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Locked Sample and Hold first sequences

Published on Oct 9, 2019 Dziam Bass

"Today I have a movie with the Locked Sample and Hold module from is a company that manufactures 5U modules and also 3U modules - Eurorack.
I have here one equivalents of large modules translated into eurorack format.
One is LOCKED SAMPLE and HOLD With a quantizer
This module is based on a voltage generator (sampling and holding) with the possibility of interruptions in the continuous flow of banknotes and it is also possible to block all or part of an additional random sequence. This allows for repetitive melodies with other changes in the subject.
The ability to store sequences live remember music themes in real time."

Thursday, December 28, 2017 MIDI2CV 5U MIDI CV/GATE/TRIGGERS Modular Interface

via this auction

Some details in Googlish via

"This module is articulated around an arduino with a home integration. Four CV output, six gate / trig outputs, one clock input. All inputs / outputs are protected. The CV outputs work between 0 and 8 volts to cover a range of 8 octaves.
The whole electronics comes on a 90x90mm PCB mounted perpendicular to the facade.

The software allows to play fluently in all situations of games (related notes, quilts, outfits, etc.). All the notes supported are played immediately and all the notes are buffered and put in a FIFO type buffer.
For MIDI2CV functions to interface keyboards, sequencers or other MIDI system, it is possible to use this module in mono, polyphonic 1 channel and 4 separate channels but also a dual mode where you can play two right hand notes and left hand arpeggios if you have a keyboard with the split function or if you connect two keyboards. The Sustain MIDI pedal if it is connected to the keyboard (s) is managed according to the modes.

For the arpeggiator, four arpeggios are proposed clocked on the sixteenth note midi-clock if it is available or on an external clock. There are also several modes: fixed hold or pedal sustain, or free.

The MIDI2TRIG can send either trigs of a few milliseconds or Gates of the duration of the pressing of the keys on the outputs Gates in 0 / + 5V or on the outputs CV whose level will depend on the velocity of the note played . It is also possible to have 8 keys assigned to have 8 gates. The keys played are defined by default or assignable by a learning mode.

The CLOCK mode allows you to have the BMP midi at / 4, / 3, / 2, x1, x2, x3, x4. If the midi-cock is not available, then the external clock will also be available at the same reports. That is, divisor and also clock multiplier.

The MIDI2CC allows you to have the cutoff, and other main controls commands (CC) available on the outputs. CCs are defined and directly modifiable in the code.

Whatever the mode of use of the module, the signal of the midi clock (MIDI_CLOCK) will always be available on a dedicated output in x24 as well as the commands of stop / continue / stop on another dedicated output."

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Locked Sample and Hold 5Y DIY Module by

Published on Dec 23, 2017 PortamentoFr

"Vidéo de démonstration sommaire d'un module créé DIY pour synthétiseur modulaire permettant de générer des séquences aléatoire bloquées.

Brief video demonstration of a DIY module for modular synthesizer for generating random and locked sequences."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

CV Arpeggiator

Published on May 10, 2014 PortamentoFr·9 videos

"Vidéo de démonstration sommaire d'un arpégiateur pour synthétiseur modulaire créé en DIY par
Video summary of an arpeggiator for DIY modular synthesizer created by"

Various DIY modules including YuSynth & ACX. Click here for more posts.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Free Modular Synthesizer

YouTube Published on Jul 15, 2012 by PortamentoFr

"Fabrication DIY d'un synthétiseur modulaire, le "Free Modular Synthesizer", à partir de plans, schémas et sources gratuites sur internet.
Sans les sites d'Yves Usson ( et d'Alain Coupel ( ce synthétiseur n'aurait pas vu le jour.
Un grand merci à eux !"


"Making a DIY modular synthesizer, the" Free Modular Synthesizer ", from drawings, diagrams and free sources on the internet.
Without sites Yves Usson ( and Alain Coupel ( synthesizer that would not have been possible.
A big thank you to them! "

Patch n Tweak
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