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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Synthesizers.com Custom System 44 w/ 61-Key Controller

via this auction

"Great shape - No issues - Smoke free home - Well cared for

Sale includes all of the following:

QKB61 61-Key Keyboard with walnut end cheeks, QPS4 Power Supply for Controllers w/DC Cable, and QIC-48 Inter-Cabinet DC Power Cable, M-M, 48"
I have the original shipping box for the keyboard which will be shipped separately from the modular

Walnut 44 space cabinet
I have the original shipping box and packing materials for the Walnut 44 space cabinet—which you may know is quite robust with particle board reinforcements and plenty of padding. You will receive the case just as you would if you had ordered it new, packed with the utmost care and consideration. The only issue with the Walnut 44 space cabinet is a few 1-2 inch scratches on the top of which can be seen in the pictures below.

Free State FX FSFX 103 - Lopass Gate
Moon Modular 594 - Multiples Module
Q106 - Oscillator
Q106 - Oscillator
Q106 - Oscillator
Q106 - Oscillator
Q107 - State Variable Filter
Q108 - Amplifier
Q108 - Amplifier
Q108 - Amplifier
Q109 - Envelope Generator
Q109 - Envelope Generator
Q109 - Envelope Generator
Q109 - Envelope Generator
Q110 - Noise Source
Q112 - 4-Channel Mixer
Q113 - 8-Channel Mixer
Q116 - Ring Modulator
Q117 - Sample and Hold
Q124 - Multiples
Q125 - Signal Processor
Q130 - Clipper/Rectifier
Q137 - Power Control & Interface
Q141 - Oscillator Aid
Q150 - Transistor Ladder Filter
Q174 - MIDI Interface
Q175 - MIDI Interface Aid

Power Supply system
QDH40 Internal Module DC Power Harness
QPS1 Power Supply for 66 Spaces

Patch Cables
QP4MM-12 - brown - 6
QP4MM-24 - red - 10
QP4MM-36 - orange -7"

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