Monday, March 27, 2017

Accordo - Suzuki Omnichord Inspired Chord Machine for iOS from The Maker of Arpeggio

iTunes: Accordo - Charlie Lesoine

A new Suzuki Omnichord Inspired Chord Machine for iOS from Charlie Lesoine, who brought us The Arpeggio from Tangible Instruments.

"Accordo is a retro inspired chord machine in the vein of the Suzuki Omnichord. Select the root note from the keyboard and choose from 8 different chords, then use the strum strip to play the chord just like an autoharp. Includes a built in rhythm machine and adjustable effects like wah and reverb.

Features & Adjustable Settings:

• Use the strum strip to strum chords or use chord buttons for full chords
• Built in rhythm machine with 10 drum patterns
• Combine chords. For example, hold down the "min" and "7th" buttons for a minor 7th chord.
• Separate tone shaping for chord buttons and strum strip.
• Volume balance between chord buttons and strum strip
• Sustain length for strum strip.
• Reverb for both chords and rhythm machine.
• Master volume
• Rhythm volume
• Tempo for rhythm machine
• Swing for rhythm machine"

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  1. Arpeggio, really? The makers of Arpeggio have yet to actually make Arpeggio. Backers are still waiting for their a Kickstarter from back in 2015. What a disaster.