MATRIXSYNTH: Ciat-Lonbard Tocante Thyris Green

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Ciat-Lonbard Tocante Thyris Green

via this auction

"The tocante line of musical instruments is 'about' and 'touching' the materials of electronics. each touchpad represents a pitch according to industry "preferred numbers," chosen by old wartime engineers for non-musical purposes. here they form a unique and haunting musical scale, not unlike that of a gamelan or the neutral intervals of persian music. beyond these base pitches, three golden sandrodes flank each touchpad; touching these androgynous nodes yields intermodulation, pitch and timbral shifts, and emergent chaotic masses. the instruments come in three flavors: thyris the triangle, bistab the square, and phashi the circle. the oscillators sound like a bowed string, a most powerful clarinet, and a howling serene whistle, respectively. each responds to touch differently. solar panels charge the onboard batteries, that power the oscillators and a speaker. they are the perfect self-contained instrument for nightly music at the campground."

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