Friday, March 10, 2017

Deckard's Dream CV & Effects Expander

This is the CV & effects expander for the upcoming Yamaha CS80 rackmount synthesizer from Roman Filippov of Sputnik Modular.

via Roman:

"Analogue ring mod and chorus, sustain controls and 16 assignable cv inputs

16 assignable cv/gate inputs
Analogue ringmodulator
Analogue chorus
Controls for sustain
MIDI in / out / thru
May be used standalone as effects module
I expect a firmware upgrade with a standalone 16ch cv to midi conversion mode"

You can find the initial post on Deckard's Dream here.


  1. Why isn't this simply part of the main unit? Seems dumb to make two projects.

  2. Perhaps so that people who want a 1U analog effects unit like this don't have to also pay for a $1000 (kit) to $5000 (built) synth on top of it.

    1. This isn't an effect kit.... its an integral part of the CS80s envelope function and defines how the oscillators get selected and modulated... it is essential, and I would suggest they take a look at the backwards sustain controller... short should be at the bottom.....

  3. It STILL needs to respond to PolyAftertouch over MIDI.

  4. a few questions.... which module has the switch pedal input , the volume pedal input, is the WAH circuit not considered? the Sustain slider is backwards.. short should be at the bottom...

    also, the chorus circuit should have an off ( true bypass) an on sw (chorus in park) and then the 2 speed switches... (there is a ramp up and ramp down between chorus and tremolo)