Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rephazer - Rippling Creek (demo/live jam)

Published on Mar 19, 2017 Rephazer

"A little jam that arose out of a little loop I found on the Octatrack.. Sorry about the audio problems (bad cable) and half of the gear being out of frame, anyway.. it's business and mistakes as usual.. Hope you enjoy this and thanks for watching/listening.

Octatrack: (Midi/Main) Sequencer and Piano/Beatloops
Analog Four: (CV) Sequencer and Arps/Additional Bass
MS-20 mini: Main Bassline
System-1: Gated pad sound
V-Machine: Piano played with Behringer UMA25s
OP-1: Organ and Additional Bass
iMix: Mixer
H4n: Audio recording
iPhone: Video recording"

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