Thursday, March 02, 2017

Soundfly Chip Challenge Winners!

You might recall Soundfly's Chip Challenge contest posted here.

via Soundfly:

"In celebration of the launch of the latest addition to Soundfly's Chiptune Crash Course series, “Chip It: The Chiptune Cover Challenge,” they decided to turn the course’s assignment into an open competition for aspiring and active music makers from around the chipiverse. Alongside contest judges (and chip stars) Chipocrite, glomag, and minusbaby, Soundfly asked artists to submit their own, chiptune-style take on Devo’s classic hit “Whip It” for the chance to win a modded Game Boy, flash cartridges, free music from 8-Bit Operators, and feedback from our course instructor, Chipocrite.

Check out the winners here, and listen to their amazing tracks!"

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