Friday, April 21, 2017

Superbooth 2017: Behringer Model D Intro, Demos & Interview on Upcoming Synths

Superbooth 2017: Behringer Model D - First Look +Listen

Published on Apr 21, 2017 sonicstate

"Literally straight out of the box after the courier delivered it to the show, we get a first look at the new Model D. Sorry about the lighting conditions, but it was a bit of a hurried shoot."

Side note: You might remember Behringer mentioned two new synths were going to be launched at the Superbooth. So far we have the Model D, the DeepMind6, and the DeepMind rack. So, unless another synth is announced, I'm guessing the DeepMinds were the two new synths, as they are launching for production, while the Model D is still in the prototype stage.

Superbooth 2017: Behringer D Synthesizer Sound Demo

Published on Apr 21, 2017 SYNTH ANATOMY

Behringer MiniMoog Model D Hands-On Sound Demo at Superbooth 2017

Published on Apr 21, 2017 Ask.Audio

"We got hands-on with the first prototypes of the the upcoming $400 Behringer Minimoog Model D analog synth clone.

High-quality audio.

This is well worth watching!!!" - Superbooth 2017 Interview with BEHRINGER about upcoming Synthesizers

Published on Apr 21, 2017

"Short Interview with Pete Sadler and Rob Belacham from BEHRINGER about upcoming Synthesizers"

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