Tuesday, May 09, 2017

COMPLETE Boss Micro Rack Series

via this auction

"I scoured many nations to get all of these, as they only come up for sale intermittently in the US and elsewhere. Some are much, much harder to find than others.

NOW is your chance to get them ALL in ONE DROP!

They are all in great shape, though in varying degrees--some obviously are going to look better than others. All presentable though and nothing beyond what would be expected for their age.

They all work and are fully functional and sound great. Occasional scratchy pot, but nothing serious or faulty. These things are built like TANKS. One knob is missing on the RCE-10 Chorus, but you can easily find replacement replicas, I just haven't bothered yet.

I have listed them "As Is" but only because they are vintage and carry the same risks that all vintage gear carries. I've used all of them and they--once again--all work and sound great.

Thanks for looking!
(2) Boss RPW-7 Power Supply

Boss RBF-10 Flanger

Boss RCE-10 Digital Chorus Ensemble

Boss RCL-10 Compressor Limiter

Boss RDD-10 Digital Delay

Boss RDD-20 Digital Delay

Boss RGE-10 Graphic Equalizer

Boss ROD-10 Over Drive / Distortion

Boss RPD-10 Digital Panning Delay

Boss RPH-10 Phaser

Boss RPQ-10 Preamp / Parametric EQ

Boss RPS-10 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay

Boss RRV-10 Digital Reverb

Boss RSD-10 Digital Sampler/Delay"

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