Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fugue Machine Eurorack Dynamic Sequence

Published on May 29, 2017 chisel316

"I created a sequence in Fugue Machine and sent it out to my Eurorack. Besides the MIDI to CV, all the modules used are from the Kraftzwerg. The first playhead is controlling the pitch of a single oscillator. The other three playheads are controlling the dynamics.

Playhead 1 - Osc 1 pitch (Pittsburgh MIDI2 for MIDI to CV)
Playhead 2 - Filter cutoff (Pittsburgh MIDI2 for MIDI to CV)
Playhead 3 - Osc 1 pulse width (Microbrute for MIDI to CV)
Playhead 4 - VCA (MS-20 Mini for MIDI to CV)

Hope you enjoy it!

Peace \/

iTunes: Fugue Machine | multi-playhead sequencer - Alexandernaut

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