Monday, May 15, 2017

Oberheim OB 1 Analogue Synthesiser - Number 59

via this auction

"All features work fully and have been properly checked.

Programmer and patch memory are all fully working.

Very little wear and minor marking from normal use.


This is the all discrete version which means it uses discrete circuitry for the VCO's, VCF, VCA and for the Envelope Generators, similar to the SEM modules.

Later OB-1's replaced this circuit with CEM 3310 IC's, the same as the OB-X. Apparently only 200 were made and this is number 59.

Twin discrete VCO's with great features such as continuously variable wave shapes and sub oscillators, cross modulation, switchable 2 or 4 pole filter.

It is the first truly programmable synth with 8 non volatile patch memories, all the black topped knobs indicate that their values can be stored into memory and the grey topped knobs are the ones that can't."

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