Saturday, May 06, 2017

Wavetable Pad - Waldorf Blofeld, Eventide H3000 Valhalla Vintage Verb

Published on May 6, 2017 100 Things I Do

"Its been a while since I did a clip with the Blofeld. While the Virtual analog side of the synth is great I have many other synths that can look after this work. I keep this synth around the studio mainly for its ability to manipulate and play wavetables. If you also use Audioterm the pallet available its limitless.

Here is an example of making a wavetable pad and using some plugin's and outboard gear to create a small world of wavetable sound. One of the challenges with any pad sound is to stop it becoming stale, movement in the sound is always key. This is where the Blofeld excels.

If you want to know more about the Blofeld please check out Mark Pigott's excellent channel. He has really got out every penny of value to be had on this synth and has some excellent tutorials."

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