Monday, June 05, 2017

Roland Jupiter-8 Tracks by coyotesynth

Published on Apr 17, 2016 coyotesynth


1. Intermodulation (demo Jupiter 8)
"This is my first JP8 demo track!
With some outboard gear: Ensoniq DP4, Eventide Space & Eclipse, API2500. Also Elektron Analog Rytm for drumbeat.
Coments are welcome !"

2. Jam Jupiter 8, Eventide Eclipse, Analog Rytm
"Little sunday evening jam. Distortion FX are really trendy at the moment. Here's a JP8 dual sound passed through Eventide Eclipse LoopKruncher preset, with a minimal Elektron Analog Rytm pattern. Enjoy this experimental and lo-fi video..."

3. Sunday Jam with Jupiter 8
"A short sunday evening Jam, home made with the following ingredients: Roland Jupiter 8, Analog Rytm, Eventide Eclipse, all mastered through an bus comp API 2500."

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