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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beyond 2000 | S1E9 | Kurzweil Sampler | Ejection Seats

Published on Apr 30, 2015

Update: embed fixed. It should start 16:24 in with the Kurzweil segment.

This one in via Luke. The segment from an Early 80s science/technology program called "Beyond 2000". Watch the full segment for the price.

"In This Episode:

0:59 "Ejection seats" Jeff Watson walks us through the history of the ejector seat, and where it's at today (today being 1985).
8:57 "Seaweed harvesting" Carmel brings us a story from South Korea, and lets us know that in the 21st century all our food needs will be met by the Soylent Corporation.
16:34 "Kurzweil 250 sampler" Iain Finlay teams up with session musician Dave Kimber to demonstrate the Kurzweil's sampling ability. A bargain at only $28,000!
21:52 "Wind Power" Jeff Watson reports from Medicine Bow, Wyoming on a promising renewable wind energy project that was, of course, ground into the earth by Big Oil.
29:11 "Aurora Borealis" Chris Ardell-Guinness reports from Finland on one of nature's most spectacular displays. Features spectacular Aurora facts!
38:20 "Japanese Aviation C1-QSTOL" Iain presents the ugliest plane ever built.
44:56 Next week..."

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