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Monday, October 09, 2017

SynthFest UK 2017 Videos by DivKidVideo

Published on Oct 9, 2017 DivKidVideo

1. AJH Synth Mega-Phase 12 // Synthfest 2017
Allan from AJH Synth continues to absolutely knock it out of the park (his other modules are gorgeous!) with the new Mega-Phase 12 phaser module. This is a reimagining of the phaser with a multi stage rotary selector and a unique separate emphasis stage tap. Allowing you to create classic 4 stage EHX small stone style phasing through a range of other phaser tones but you can tap the resonant emphasis from a separate stage to the total stages selected. This allows for unique phase cancellation and tonal changes allowing the Mega-Phase 12 to create a wide range of phasing sounds and FX.

2. AJH Synth Finale R-EQ // SynthFest 2017
Video 2 of 3 from AJH Synth at SynthFest UK 2017. Here's the Finale R-EQ which offers aural exciting and maximising of the low and high frequencies alongside a 4 band EQ and basic reverbs that are suited to synths all of which comes together to act as a "back end" for a synth voice (although I'm sure it's great on other sounds too as all the AJH modules are stupidly good!).

3. AJH Synth Gemini 2412 // Synthfest 2017
This is the third and final video / new product from AJH Synth at Synthfest UK 2017 in Sheffield. The Gemini 2412 is a dual state variable filter based on the classic SEM filter. There's a lot of tricks not often seen include series cascaded and parallel use of the filters, filter CV mixing that scales to each filter, a dual frequency control, totally independent dual filter use (should you wise) and a CV-able mix between the two. There's also CV-able resonance which is rare on SEM style filters.

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