MATRIXSYNTH: ARP 2600 w/ Moog Style Filter

Saturday, February 17, 2018

ARP 2600 w/ Moog Style Filter

via this auction

"Highlights future proofing:

* All new high-end capacitor power supply upgrade

* New powerful mains transformer to ensure pitch stability

* Multi turn high end trimmers on power supply upgrade

* All circuit board tantalum's replaced (critical) with high end capacitors

* All pitch CV trimmers replaced in the complete pitch CV chain including
in the 3620 duophonic keyboard (to ensure extreme tuning stability)

* Factory specification calibration

* New Cinch Jones receptacle (for keyboard connector)

* New Pratt Reed bushings in the 3620 duophonic keyboard

Comes with:

* ARP 2600 synthesizer with original lid
(this ARP has the most desired MOOG ladder style Copper clad 4012 filter)

* ARP 3620 Duphonic keyboard with original lid
(Matching number with the 2600)

* ARP 2600 Original user manual (not photo copy!)

* ARP 3620 Original user manual (not photo copy!)

* ARP 2600 Portamento pedal -New!- Never used (only tested once)
Comes in original box (Super rare)

* ARP 2600 "blind plug" (Super rare)

* 4x 16" patch cables

* 4x 38" patch cables

* ARP Original paper envelope (just for fun!)"

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