MATRIXSYNTH: Unique Lego Cased Midibox MB-6582 SID Synthesizer w/ R2-D2s

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Unique Lego Cased Midibox MB-6582 SID Synthesizer w/ R2-D2s

via this auction

"This is a rare chance to get a MB6582 SID chip Synthesizer.

The MB6582 is an extraordinary DIY synthesizer based on SID chips known from the famous C64. More infos here:

The synth was assembled by me, works perfectly and is in a very good condition! It is a very unique *Lego Edition* - only one of it's kind!

Case and potentiometer knobs are made of Lego (suitable for SIDchip sound)
The display is in 'rusty-orange' and matches the orange flat-top LEDs.
This MB6582 is also expanded with a custom active mixer circuit (+/-12V supply). It has a main L/R out, volume-pot for each engine and a Stereo/Mono switch for each engine.
Single outputs are switched, i. e. if a single output is connected to a jack, the signal is not routed to the mixer (can be changed internally)
Following chips are built in at the moment:

4 SID 6582 (1x stereo engine and 2x mono engine at the moment)
3 cores (4th core included)
The MB6582 can be expanded to 4 stereo engines by adding another 4 SID chips (SID 6581 / 6582 / 8580 - beware 6581 needs different voltage set by jumpers internally). In stereo mode 2 SID chips are used for L/R channels seperately to generate more space! i.e. by controlling filter cutoff seperately for L/R channels.
This MB6582 requires a power supply which supplies +12v/+5V/-12V/GND. I built my own specific power supply around a MeanWell RPT-60/100kHz, it can operate from 90-264VAC.

Since I am not an electrician I have to ship my power supply dissassembled and buyer must reassemble it at his own risk! (it's a very easy process!)"

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