Friday, August 26, 2005

Bahn Sage

Here's a beauty. I remember when this started making its rounds. People were going nuts over it. Slowly more and more info came out only to find it was the biggest hoax in synth history. If you know of a bigger one please share. Thank you Elhardt for an amazing time and congrats on a master prank well done. You have made it into synth history. : ) BTW, this hoax had such an impact on the synth community that when the first pics of the Cwejman S1 appeared people were reluctant to believe it was real, thinking it was yet another one of Elhardt's pranks. A few people were admitedly a little surprised to find the Cwejman was real, including myself.


  1. The SMS 3000 has better features, and I find to be more musical

  2. I've wondered if perhaps the legendary Con Brio ADS synths weren't a hoax. Although Brian Kehew of The Moog Cookbook is said to own one of them in good working order, and one is said to have been used for sound effects in Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, I'm not aware of any available audio that is clearly identified as coming from one. Perhaps the folks of Con Brio were trying to raise money for their project and weren't really able create a working prototype. The only available video of a Con Brio synth that I can find doesn't demonstrate its audio function; it just shows lights blinking on the front panel and a wave image on the screen. If Brian Kehew has one that is functional, lets see and hear a demo!

  3. You can find a few posts on the Con Brio here. Unfortunately I don't believe Brian's is currently producing sound.


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