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Thursday, December 08, 2005

G2 Minimoog Samples

Title link takes you to some samples created by Jose Sogo Flores of a Minimoog and a Clavia G2. In each sample he goes back and forth between the two. These are pretty amazing. Note that Jose calls out below that this is not meant to be a comparison in sound quality but rather an excersize in programming. Enjoy. BTW, please right click and download a file before listening to each. : )

Some notes from Jose:

- You hear always the Mini and then the Clavia G2.
- On every mp3 files, there is many comparisons. Sometimes only an isolate
note on both instruments, sometimes a group of notes. Because of the many
examples and very similar sound, you'll have to listening carefully to the
mp3 or you won't know if you are listening to the Mini or G2.
- This is silly hand playing and there is timing differences between the
Mini and the G2. So don't take timing differences for sound differences!
- I made the G2 patch in a couple of minutes, using simple modules
and -lacking programming skills- without taking into account important sound
features of the Mini like filter saturation or different resonance response
depending on input frecuencies. That means, the G2 patch can be even
improved with some more effort.
- I stopped programming the G2 patch as soon as I thought the sound was
interesting enough to record some examples. Because of my lazyness, filter
tracking on the G2 was not matching perfectly the one in the Mini. On some
examples, where you listen to the same sound spread across several keyboard
octaves, differences in sound are mostly only slight differences in filter
cutoff due on different filter tracking. Our ear is very sensitive to cutoff
- Please don't understand the A/B comparison as a sound quality question.
Instrument and sound emulation is a way to learn your gear and expand your
programming capabilities. No winner here. Also no loser.

If you want to host the files and make them available for all people, please
feel free to copy and post the considerations above to AH.

Best Regards


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  1. wow! i don't think they're that distinguishable and i've heard way more painstakingly designed minimoog patches over at would like to see how those compare. i wonder, too, if velocity was enabled in jose's G2 patch... that should be removed, if possible.



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