Thursday, April 20, 2006

Triadex Muse

Update: Tom of Music Thing noticed that the details for the auction copied below are taken from his Triadex Muse post on Engadget from way back. Check it out; it's a direct copy word for word. Eeentwesting...

Cikira sent me a link to this auction. Below are all three shots and details pulled from the auction. I've never seen one with covers before. BTW, you might also remember Cikira's Aibo playing a Muse in this post. Thanks Cikira!

Details (not sure about that first sentence):
"It's probably the rarest, strangest, best-looking vintage synth ever mass-produced. At a time when Moog and ARP were selling synths the size of wardrobes that looked like lab equipment and cost tens of thousands of dollars, the Muse was the size of a typewriter. It cost $300 and looked like something Dieter Rams would have designed for Braun in the sixties.It had impeccable geek credentials. It was designed by two MIT professors, Marvin Minsky and Edward Fredkin. So what was the Muse? Well, not really a synth. It was a digital sequencer, which played melodic-sounding bleepy music through the internal speaker, based on a baffling set of algorithms. As you moved the sliders, the algorithms changed, and the music changed.The Muse even had an even rarer accessory, the ‘Light Show’, which flashed coloured lights in time to the music. Inevitably, the Muse was a commercial disaster. Only 280 units were ever manufactured.In 2004 1 of these received a bid of $1799.00 on Ebay. AOL search (TRIADEX MUSE) what I have for sale is 3 individual pcs., THE MUSE, THE LIGHT ORGAN and THE EXTERIOR AMPLIFIER, all 3 pieces have only been out of their boxes to be photographed, are these the only ones in this incredible condition? all cords are still wrapped up and all paperwork is still in the boxes, heres a chance to own the best examples of these RARE music boxes from TRIADEX. I believe this is a modest starting price for something of this caliber.Any questions please e-mail me.Buyer to pay shipping & handling USPS.Payment must be received within 10 days or item will be re-listed." This one started at $1600 US.

It is digital. More on the Muse here.


  1. Dude, that's my Engadget post on the Muse from ages ago...

  2. Holy crap, a LIGHT BOX! I've never even SEEN one of those! I had a muse for a good long time and sold it a couple of years ago... I've never seen the amp either, but I really lusted after the light box.

    I still have a copy of the nice email from Marvin Minsky when I mailed him asking about it. He was very friendly...

    And, wow. The light box.

  3. No way Tom. Too funny. I'll update the post.


  5. It's a really interesting box. It has a multipin connector on the bottom - which I assume would be outputs. My hope is there's a CV (for pitch) and some kind of clock (for timing. That would make it an AWESOME accessory for a modular synth!!!



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