Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ARP Odyssey Keys

No title link. Just one shot via this auction. Check out those keys! Kind of like the bottom row of my teeth. I'd say this ARP needs braces but then I had braces as a kid. Hmm... Why don't they last? via brian comnes.


  1. The first keyboard I ever changed the Pratt-Reed bushings on was a black/gold Ody. Man, the originals were gone, daddy, gone. The rest of the Arp was in great shape, but lots of metal-on-metal sounds were to be had when pressing keys, and I ain't talking Ralf & Florian here.

    When I finished & assembled, that Ody's key heights also resembled ragged terrain. Not nearly as extreme as in this auction, but I did quickly learn that when replacing bushings that there's more to just slappin' them on.

    Short answer: this is an easy fix if you're looking to pick up an Ody, which I heartily recommend.

  2. Crusty and stuck Arp sliders on the other hand are not an easy fix. You can only hope to find replacemets.

  3. Lightner sells the sliders for a gazillion bucks.

  4. Thanks, Reed.

    Your complete insight, understanding and support are always appreciated.

  5. hey walkathon, i just got an axxe and was wondering if there's an online resource walking through how to do it the bushing replacement?

    i also have the jaggy tooth look!

  6. Oops, Kevin, I forgot the second half of the post:

    ...and I keep paying for them.

    Seriously, considering none of us in the non-fixit world would be insane enough to buy a thousand CTS sliders for .75 apiece every time we wanted to soup up our Marfs, you're doing the synth world a big service. After all is said & done it's not such a crazy markup. Plus the one-stop shopping aspect is convenient.

    There's some understaning & support. I have no insight.

  7. Fwiw, they ended up costing a lot more than 75 cents each. Lots more, considering they were on credit, heavy to ship and were tested.
    Not sure if you're aware, but prices for all kinds of parts have gone up.
    Especially vintage. :(

    No hard feelings; I appreciate your purchase of them.
    But I'm certainly no gazillionaire.

  8. Kevin, what's your hourly tech rate, if you don't mind my asking?



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