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Friday, November 10, 2006

give a girl a moog

flikcr via sofie loizou. Title link takes you to more.


  1. great hair cut

  2. Sorry, girl into synths is H4WT!!

  3. even when they're using two hands to play a monosynth?

  4. even when they're using two hands to play a monosynth?

    Um, you crank the portamento up and enjoy the big multi octave sweeps. Am I missing something here? What's with the hatin'?

  5. To the STUP who say :"ha!ha! two hands on a mono synth !" I answer : If you never ever played a monosynth line with both hands you have never really used a synth of your life YET !
    First if you want to sweep a portamento or glide across the keyboard, well you need both !!!
    Second most of the interesting "hand sequences" and bass lines need both too !!!
    To mention the least.

    So dont throw the stone too fast, dude.

    I am teaching synthesis & computer music, and I have girls among my students. They can show you more tricks than you can !


  6. hey, the second hand should be twisting knobs. and it's, like, a two octave keyboard so spare me your talk massive, sweeping glissandos

  7. uummm....have you ever actually played a synth or any other keyboard for that matter? Two hands for a monosynth is pretty much required for any serious playing, besides plodding synth leads of course. Besides, the LP has expression pedal inputs for twisting knobs.

  8. its a THREE octave keyboard

  9. Well ! Well ! Well ! I'm happy to generate reactions.
    Why should girls be out of the synth scene ?
    Personaly I am really happy that, in the end, they come to IT ! Should there be more, like in the mechanics, or elsewhere !
    No they are not "All lesbos or tranny's", even if I have never slept with one of my girls student (Yet !).
    And we/you, the funky macho boys, should look better on our side of the road ! Cos we have our farts ! The famous Wendy, our manufacturer Cinthia, or the "LukyBastard", to name really few !!!
    We are damn luky they opened those roads for US. Without them we might not be there !

    More mutual respect IS NEEDED HERE !
    Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! ;o)

  10. Woops ! I'm talking about The Cynthia that apears in the circuit bending post, not Cynthia Webster the famous head of Cyndustries


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