Friday, January 12, 2007

Moog MF-107

This one sent my way via diablo guapo. Did JRR just slip the MF-107? : )

"Moog MF-107 FreqBox MoogerFooger
[mf107freqbox] $339.00USD
Moog MF-107 FreqBox MoogerFooger

It’s here--the newest addition to the Moogerfooger line of analog effects. The MF-107 FreqBox will blow you away! it’s unlike anything else out there. The FreqBox does not actually modify the audio input signal. Inside the FreqBox is a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) which is modulated by the sound source input—an Audio Modulated VCO! The result is an amazing array of effects that were once only possible with a complex modular synth setup—everything from fuzz-like distortion to what product development engineer Steve Dunnington calls “cataclysmic timbral morphing” A true “freak box”!

Here are some specs:

* Accepts instrument level and line level inputs
* Frequency and waveform controls in the VCO section
* VCO can be frequency modulated by the audio signal
* Envelope follower and mix controls for even greater sonic enhancement
* Housed in the super-durable, classic Moogerfooger enclosure"

See more at Moog's YouTube Demo."

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  1. Whoops! i wonder if this was intentional. There's nothing at the moog site about it... damn retailers :-)

  2. What about the MF-106?

  3. Doktor Future: Have you taken your medication today? You seem to have a bit of coprolalia acting up there...

    Anyhoo this effect doesn't seem very similar to Metasonix stuff to me... no tubes for one thing, and the oscillator should track pitch-CV to a greater extent also ;-)

    BTW there are some VERY nice features which are not mentioned in the "release" - but you can hear some of them in the audio demo.

  4. well here's the moog forum link

    the home page is still teasing woith sounds only - and hey I just bought a TM-3 from Metasonix, so I'd love to mix those together - its on my must get list

  5. "and the oscillator should track pitch-CV to a greater extent also ;-)"

    I don't see anything about pitch to CV conversion in that description. It says that the audio modulates the VCO, which to me means that the envelope is routed to the VCO's frequency control.

  6. too many meds....

    too many meds...

  7. Maybe a frequency shifter? The DACS frequency shifter has VCO's and stuff.

  8. YES!!! I was hoping it was something like this!

    Too good to be true.

  9. I am definitely getting it :) Wonder when it will be available?...

  10. YEAH! I just heard it will be available in febuary in Singapore!!! woohoo!

  11. looks like JRR took it off their homepage already. probably its not a fake then ...

  12. ok, take a clooser look at the pic - especially the big knobs: the ones on the left side are not reflected on the black metal plate, while all other knobs have reflections ... maybe a fake?

    yours helitron

  13. Not fake as a distributor friend of mine said it will be available in Febuary in Singapore and I have reserved one...

  14. Not fake. They've already fessed up on the Moog site.

    They are going to run out of colors for the switches eventually! What colors are left? Green, purple.... uh..grey... fuchia....ummmm...clear??

  15. Okay, so check the DACS FREQue II.

    sounds similar

  16. Man, that DACS thing is about the fugliest piece of gear I've seen in a while. Whats with the 80s graphics?

    The 107 is just an oscillator with an envelope follower, not a ring modulator. I don't really see any similarities.


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