Friday, January 12, 2007

Korg Sigma

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"This is the Korg Sigma KRP-30 Vintage Analog Mono Synth from the famose 1970's MS Series*** This synth is extremely RARE! You will not see it on ebay very soon ! **** This is one of my favorite all time synthesizers because of the unique sounds of the MS series with performing abilities that was very rare in those days - For examplr it has its own AFTER TOUCH and rING MOD and 2 Joysticks and tons of buttons and knobs to change the sound ****** The Korg Sigma does let you play a quarter-tone scale ***** it was Used by Jean Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson ***** I hate to let it go...But- I'm leaving the country soon and I'm selling All the equipment from my smokeless recording studio in the next few weeks and this Korg is one of the nice ones. Everything works on it flawlessly ***** Here is some info from the web: The Sigma is an interesting bi-timbric synthesizer consisting of two sections: a genuine analog "Synthe" and a Preset "Instrument" section. All together, there are 19 presets on it that give a variety of sounds. There are 11 presets for the "Instrument" section which include fuzz guitar, electric bass, clavi, string, flute, double reed, trumpet, hammered percussion, etc. And there are 8 presets for the "Synthe" section that give variable waveforms (square, pulse, sawtooth) in different pitch ranges (from 32' to 4'). Each preset has it's own rotary control to vary it's sounds. The Sigma is also unique for its ability to combine the synth and instrument sections for a nicer, layered synth sound or effect. While the synth section is nice, the instrumental sounds (tuba, trumpet, strings, guitar, etc.) are pretty darn bad, and only get interesting when mixed with the "Synthe" section sounds. **** Cool joysticks add multi-dimensional control. Use one to control pitch, noise and vibrato and use the second joystick to edit the low-pass and hi-pass VCF filters! There is also an "Effect" section which is for Vibrato, Portamento, Sample and Hold, Noise, Key Hold, Multiple Trigger and Ring Modulator (each with it's own rotary control to vary it's sound). Even though it has a switch labelled "Ring Mod," it's actually a cross-mod. It lets you cross modulate between the instrument and Synth sections. ***** o read a review please go here: ***** The Manual can be downloaded here ***** I just found another review of the Korg Sigma *** I found this review too: "Ever since i got my Korg sigma and for all that time i can not stop playing with it. - never got board. First thing to mention is that this synth is purely unique - It does not sound like anything I ever heard before and looks like a cross between organ/synth. Keeping in mind that this synth was designed at the same the time as The KORG MS series Synthesizers. ( same designer) All the Osc ,envelopes and filters are the same as the ones youll find in the MS-20 I do own also the X-911 ( gtr synth) that the synth section is kind of from the same family. There are "18" Oscilators running at the same time.... Plus One noise osc with Attack/release control, and lots of effects... Sigma is really a mono performing synth you can sit down and change the sound again and again just by adding more oscilator to the party. than coloring those Oscilators with diffrent controls such as Attack/Release , Decay, Freq-filter control , Pulse Width , Tone, S/H Clock ( cool LED for timing) But the coolest features are: Ring modulation with control of pitch that makes this synth sound almost like a DX-7 on acid... Imagine these old VCO with digital flavores. ( when you using the LP filter sometimes a flute can sound as if it was fried with eggs...) there are also 2 joysticks. one for VCF and HP/LP the other one for Pitch shift ,Vibrato and the most Weird effect ever "Noise Depth" that sounds like increasing amount of sweet distortion. The effect section covers all the regular known effects - Portamento,vibrato,oct high/low, Multi trig, Hold, Keyboard Sens ( if you push down youll get the effect-After touch ) and a "Quarter note effect" - when you use this one, the notes are runing in 1/4 notes instead of 1/2 notes so the scale of the key will change to major scale almost to a minor scale... for example If you hold down the key of C and also press the key of D the sound is key of C#... I also used it on pitch shift which is really cool. Oh yeah you can also push a button ( ala JUNO 60 Vibrato ) for the portamento in/out effect - on the fly. All and All - this is really one weird mono beast with a rainbow of sounds - from a hollow "CASIO-TONE" to heavy DX7 through MS20 like colored lead. I did use it as bass synth and space effects noise-box but the best use is the screaming distortion like leads. Now, if you have some other old synth with ext input - run the sigma through them (use the CV/Gate ) its amazing I tried it with Minimoog, X911, Arp Axxe and the Roland SH09 its sounded different in every situation but was making the sound much much more interesting"

Sent my way via sonicbrat.

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  1. I'm sorry to say, but Korg Sigma's are not extremely rare. I see them regulary here in the Netherlands for sale, most of the time for very low prices like 150/200 euros.

    But its a fun synth for shure.

    Greets from the Netherlands !


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