Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Title link takes you to shots via this auction.

"KORG PS-3300 POLYPHONIC MODULAR SYNTH 1977Well-known for its complex pads, thanks to its triple synth architecture, with independently panning possible for each, a fair number of LFOs (6+SH ) that brings sophisticated details, all making truly stunning masses of evolving sounds.

Another (not so well-known) strength of that beast is its ability to make strange sounds, a bit like a kind of polyphonic AKS: per example extreme stretching of the general frequency with the keyboard XY joystick, as few other polysynth of the following eras would, numerous options of patching modulations, along with the double expression pedal applied to modulation destinations… Independent envelopes for each bloc for additive-like synthesis, a step further from the typical 2 VCO/ VCF/ADSR approach most other synths provide. Altogether I was astonished by the wide range of sounds it can produce, much more than a PS-3200 would dare of!

Also surprisingly, it is very straightforward to use, with a logical layout, despite a good number of knobs.

- Waveforms choices: 6 for the VCOs (w/ PWM), 6 others for the main 3 LFOs. These LFO can be modulated also with a lot of patching options.

- Unique triple dynamic resonators per block, each modulated either from their own LFO, either left in a fixed combination of 3 frequencies. Peak frequency control on that LFO. Nice multi-phasing effects and sound shaping.

- Useful keyboard balance for filter and volume, independently for the 3 blocks. Adds playability when pressing a lot of notes.

- unique individual tuning per note, independently for each block.

The documentation (copy,in English/Japan) helps with examples of sounds and patches.

Users: Kraftwerk, K Schulze (“X”,his best), Vangelis (“China”..), ELP, Jarre, Space, Gino Vannelli, Ninja Tune, Vince Clarke, and praised by Bob Moog.

It has been totally overhauled by Jean-Loup Dierstein in Paris and now fully working: 50 capacitors changed , every function tested, tuned, not one scratching pot. So what is inevitably needed for a gun of this age and complexity has already been done professionally.

The keyboard is also in a close-to-mint condition, and the accessories (double pedal board and keyboard cable) are fully functional. A midification of the keyboard is possible.

This example seems to be a first and very rare version, with the inclusion of Korg 770 type pots (more “chic” than the MS series style of most of the PS production ), it has also a different positioning of the resonators disposition, and wears a nice slightly shiny black finish. As this version existed in some historical Korg catalogs, I guess it may be not a “prototype” as it was said recently, but certainly was part of a first limited batch among the 30/50 ever produced. Serial number: 770502.

It had been formerly bought at the “Phonorgan” Shop in Paris in the late 70’."

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  1. GORGEOUS! I must have one to compliment my 3100

  2. my god ,,it sucks to be poor.

    1. We can Dream...maybe KORG will do what MOOG is doinf with their "Keith Emerson" synth

  3. the ultimate.

  4. phew. can someone borrow me some bucks? it might take a while until another one shows up for sale.

  5. this is one of the few i've ever seen for sale ever, I'd eat dog food out of the can for a year to buy that big bastard.

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  7. what's it sound like?

    any reasonably clean mp3's/tracks where its sound can be isolated?

  8. VectorSynth5/31/07, 4:15 PM

    According to someone, somewhere, the PS series is one of the very few real polyphonic analog synthesizers. Each key has a whole synth section (3 osc,vca, vcf, modulators etc..)... No voice allocation via a microcprocessor or discrete logic. Only the polymoog, used in one mode, was polyphonic as the PS-series (but more preset oriented, while here we have a MODULAR approach... kinda different.
    So... KORG RULEZ (or RULED?)

  9. KORO has published samples of one of it's smaller brothers, the PS3200 which consists of exactly 2/3 of a PS3300, there was also a PS3100

  10. The samples are part of a package for the KORG KRONOS. They sound amazing. Bob Moog once said after listening to it that it was the Fattest Synth he had ever heard!



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