Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MOOG Model 1P

via this auction.

"1968 vintage

This Moog synthesizer was recently hooked up and played at the computer lab at C.W. Post University, and is working well. It has been stored, covered with plastic, for the past 15 years, and is in remarkable condition for its age. With a basic overhaul this synthesizer should function well. It has excellent sound production capability. For a collector, sound purist, recording artist or engineer, or a college professor teaching synthesis, this two case Moog is a rare find indeed.

1. 956 Ribbon Controller (Scale dial and Lowered voltage switch) (ribbon needs replacement)
2. 950 Keyboard Controller (scale program (internal/external switch) scale, range and portamento dials- Glide/No Glide Switch)

Case 1
(2) 902 Voltage Controlled Amplifiers (Internal & external control mode switch. Fixed Voltage Control Switch)
2 signal inputs and 2 signal outputs, plus 3 control inputs per Amp.
Trigger envelope and voltage component (6 switches) [8 input multiple component]

pitch component
6 inputs-
6 trigger outlets.
(2) ½ amp slow burn-fuses
(1) 1½ amp-fuse.
and power switch and light.

Back of Case 1
5 trunkline inputs plus power cord hookup prongs

Case 2
(1) 907 Fixed Filter Bank Component (1 lowpass & 1 highpass dial- 8 equalizing dials (with wide Hertz control)
250, -350 -500, -700, 1000, 1400, 2000, 2800

(1) 901-A Oscillator Controller
2 Fixed Control Voltage dials and one (width of wave form dial
3 control inputs

(2) 901-B Oscillators
Frequency range dial – 2’-32’ & Lower Frequency Vermer dial
Four outputs – Sawtooth, sine, pulse, and triangular wave. (on each component)

(2) Voltage control components with four switches each- 1ext input and an attenuator dial on each

(1) 903 white Sound source with one output.

(2) mixer/input components
5 dials each, 12 input slots.
Click filter switch (master gain and output volume control.)

(3) 905 Reverberation Unit with ten position dial –and input and output slot.

(1) 901 Voltage controlled Oscillator
(fixed control voltage dial, (Frequency range dial), (width of pulse wave form dial) (volume dial)
4 separate dials for sine, sawtooth, triangular, and pulse waves.
3 control inputs.
4 fixed level inputs for sine, sawtooth, triangular, & pulse.
4 variable level inputs.

(1) filter and attenuator component bank with 3 inputs, and 3 outputs lowpass dial, high pass dial, and attenuator dial.

Back of case 2
1 trunk line hookup (to join cases) and 4 trunk line inputs.

Additional Information
(The two cases have solid covers when not in use.)
There are 16 patch cords (amplifier cables) of varying size (from 1 foot, to 4 feet.)
2 click track connector wires.
Power cable/extension cord-heavy duty.
3 trunk line cables.
1 can Tuner Renu Cleaner

Included are some basic instructions- 8 handwritten pages by the previous owner and descriptions of hookups and schematic drawings showing basic connections and functional description."


  1. Ahhhh, the peace and quiet of cyberspace free of nameless trolls.

  2. Nice, but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable bidding on such a big ticket auction from a seller who just signed up/has 0 feedback.

  3. meh.

    Nothing here that the mmm can't do.


  4. No LPF? It mentions a "filter module" but doesn't specify this as a 904, etc. Seems like an omission. Otherwise a very nice system with FFB.

  5. As far as I can tell that's a stock Moog synthesizer IP. It has space for an optional sequential controller and sequencer interface.

    The Moog System 15 is a later model released in 1973/74 consisting of one single box unit, not two. Also, the 15 featured the then-new and more stable 921B oscillators.

  6. Oh...and the system 15 came with a new 2-voice keyboard.

    To Synthetic: from what I can see the instrument in the auction does indeed have a 904A LPF module (it's the second module in the upper row of the right-most cabinet).



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