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Monday, October 29, 2007

New England Synth Museum

David Camlin

"The late David Wilson, curator of the New England Synthesizer Museum, discusses his collection of analogue synthesizers."

"In the quiet town of Nashua, New Hampshire lies the New England Synthesizer Museum. Curator Dave Wilson collects and repairs sythesizers and has worked various duties including proofreading and development for some of the world's most renowned synth makers. The museum is open to the public, contact him at for appointments. Synth donations are accepted." The Eye - New England Synth Museum
Note the first ARP 2500 previously posted here.


  1. Umm...I have a synth museum, and I'm accepting synth donations as well.

  2. New England Synth "Museum". FTFY.

    While the NES"M" does have an impressive collection of synths, the condition that they're kept in will make any real collector weep tears of blood and bile.

  3. ahh... old synths on the cheap in the late 80s'! I bought a Korg ms10 for oh, about $100, a concert mate realistic Moog for $20 and a poly 800 mk2 for about $75 a Korg mono/poly for $65...
    sigh..all gone....NOW, I build my own!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Just in time for a Halloween, the synth version of those Saw movies.

    He should have cashed in on the dotcom crash of the 90's and bought some freakin' folding tables or something. If that was my Arp Axxe (on the floor near the rain bucket) he was fixing I'd be apoplectic.

  6. buchlajoe said...

    what a freakin dump.....embarrassing...

    It's a one man show with obviously limited resources. Why don't you have a go and then we can all take pot shots over your bow.

    Has the man insulted you or something. Has forced you into a situation you are uncomfortable with. No you are just being another online tosser willing to knock others while you don't have to do anything yourself.

    On behalf of the very gentle Dave Wilson I'd like to say FUCK All Y'ALL :)

  7. ouch....didnt mean to upset anyone......perhaps i never should have posted my comment....

  8. I have to agree with this place being unsuitable for repairing other peoples equipment or asking for donations. It's fine if it's his own equipment but asking for donations to then place the synths in deplorable conditions makes me uncomfortable. He may be a nice guy but he needs to fix his roof before asking for more money.
    And I thought David White was a good tech? Interesting...

  9. Sorry about last post, just a test of sorts.
    We need a good synth museum in the states. NYC would be a good choice.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hmmm, Dave White has worked on a synth or two of mine. Not very reassuring...

    Is there any truth to this?

  12. Couldn't he have cleaned the trash up off the floor and given the synths a good wipe down before allowing a visit? That place is a pig-sty.

    At the very least cover the synths with plastic tarps and get a dehumidifier in there ASAP - or put them into some clean storage facility for a temporary basis until a more suitable location can be found. I hate to see some of those really rare and precious items becoming filthy and rusted.


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