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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Baldwin Syntha Sound

images via this auction

"SYNTHA SOUND analog mono synth from the 1970s. I know BALDWIN made these but someone has put a VOX badge on the front. Hmmm? I don't know about a VOX version, but maybe? This one (last I heard) was not functioning. I don't know how much or how little - but not right. So understand and bid accordingly. This is fairly heavy but will be packed well. It has a nice sturdy wood outside, so it is strong. Some slider tips missing - see photos for details. These are great COOL synths very few people have ever seen!"

If anyone knows more about these, feel free to comment.

Update via an anonymous reader:
"The Baldwin Syntha Sound:
Yes, although limited in function, these are cool, and generally pretty good/unique sounding monosynths. Most definately Baldwin - the Vox badge on this particular unit was probably stuck on later on. I really don't think Vox had anything to do with these.
Baldwin's schematics for these units are dated April 1973. This is the model they called the portable syntha sound, and this version does seem to be quite rare. I have seen only two of these in person - one of which I own and another which was in my shop for repairs. They were purchased in two different parts of the country, yet had sequential serial numbers (very low). However, the same basic unit was included in some of their mid-70's home organ models and these are slightly more common.
The portable model SS has a built in 12 watt amp (common to many other Baldwin products), speakers, and a great sounding reverb. It has preset sections (Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Cello)- labled "pre-set" and "Flutes" of various footages, and then also the synth section: which they labled: "spectrum shaper" - with 8', 16', and 32' octaves- producing square, pulse or sawtooth (either alone or in combo). Other functions include a noise generator, high, mid, and low pass filters (used either,alone, in pairs, or "all-pass") - the filter can feedback and squeal. There is portamento too.... Modulation, however, is a bit limited: vibrato "standard" or adjustable with "rate" and "extent" sliders (sine or repeat).
The two big chunks of wood on the control panel are unusual - they are temporary switches. One shuts off the tremelo (which feels counter-intuitive) and the other triggers the "spectrum shaper" CV (which is only slightly more useful). The thing that the owner of this unit should know, is that the slider pots are of pretty poor quality and are easily broken - and also, that they used two different versions of these - which mount differently, of course - and the earlier versions are hard to find - a partial 3rd unit was used to restore the two I have had here. -Hope that clears up some of your questions.

I forgot to mention that it has an external input jack which goes though the filter.
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  2. i would like to buy a Baldwin Syntha Sound. do you have any hint who would sell one? please let me know: lothar,

    1. I would like to know the value of the Baldwin syntha-sound organ, not the portable keyboard. I have one that works perfectly, recently retired from church service.



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