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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Chicory Tip - Son Of My Father • TopPop

video by TopPop

"'Son of my father' is a song written by German producer Giorgio Moroder with lyrics in German originally published as 'Nachts scheint die Sonne' (In the Night Shines the Sun)

The German lyrics are by Michael Holm and the English lyrics were written by Pete Bellotte. English pop group Chicory Tip, formed in 1967 in Maidstone, Kent recorded the English version in which it became a huge hit n the UK: a # one hit in the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in February 1972.

The band in the original line-up were: vocalist Peter Hewson (born 1 September 1945, in Gillingham); guitarist Richard "Rick" Foster (born 7 July 1946); bass guitarist Barry Mayger (born 1 June 1946, Maidstone); drummer Brian Shearer (born 4 May 1951, Lewisham, South East London); and guitarist and keyboard player Rod Cloutt (born Roderick Cloutt, 26 January 1949, Gillingham, who died in Australia 2017)"

Some vintage Minimoog action. Looks like a Vox Continental on bottom.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Logan String Melody 2 (1978) SN 11561

via this auction

"Logan String Melody II by Ing. Giuliano Costantini.
Just reviewed, perfectly working.

it was sold under both the Logan brand name and re-badged as both a Hohner and Vox product. The Vox version was called The String Thing but still featured the Logan brand name on the back of the case."

Friday, September 18, 2020

New Handmade Miniature Synths by ROLT

Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT

See this post for the previous set.

Playlist for the above (remember you can use the player controls to skip around):
ROLAND JUNO 106 Synthesizer Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
YAMAHA CS-30 Synthesizer Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
YAMAHA EX-42 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
YAMAHA EX-1 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
ROLAND TR-808 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
Oberheim OB-8 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
KORG POLYSIX Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
YAMAHA DX7 Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
EMU EMULATOR I - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
OBERHEIM OBX - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
PPG WAVE 2 Synthesizer - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
Michel Geiss endorsement about my expo miniatures at Synthfest France 2019
Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) endorsing my work.
ROLAND JUPITER 8 - Handmade miniature
EKO COMPUTER RHYTHM I - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
FENDER RHODES PIANO BASS - Handmade Miniature 1/6 scale
6ª Expo Carlos Trilha

Saturday, November 30, 2019


Published on Jan 10, 2012 Mrquaqua1

"This is a demonstration of the sounds that can be made through the use of the VOX Octavoice I. I believe it was made in 1968 and is very rare. For more info"

Note this is the first one to be featured on MATRIXSYNTH. Hadn't seen one before now. Spotted it in the listing below and found the video above.

via this auction


Friday, November 22, 2019

DSI Rev2 does Blade Runner Blues

Published on Nov 22, 2019 Clint W.

"Main solo played on a Dave Smith Rev2 8 voice going through a Meris Mercury7 reverb and into mixing desk.
Using a Behringer VC340 for string sounds with reverb from the desk
Rhodes piano sounds come from the Vox Continental 73 keys going straight into the mixing desk, also added reverb from the desk.

Enjoy :)"

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Synthoween 2018!

Published on Oct 31, 2018 SynthMania


Sunday, September 16, 2018

16.Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer , Gotharmans Fx DeFormer.

Published on Sep 16, 2018 tobon projektb

"Moffenzeef Modular Stargazer , Gotharmans Fx DeFormer , Vox DelayLab , Eventide Space ."

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Vox Jennings Univox Tube Valve Synth Organ w/ Case

via this auction

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This listing is for a very rare Vox Jennings Univox Tube Synth/ Organ.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: This item comes with custom leslie-style-connector cable, and does not include any accessories.

PHYSICAL CONDITION: Very Good - The body has many dings and scrapes from its 50 years being on this earth. All four of the lid latches work flawlessly! Each and every key on the keyboard as well as the dials and tabs are in terrific working order! The electronics however are incomplete and currently not connected. Attached power cable is in great condition as is the included connector cable! Overall condition is very good!

WORKING CONDITION: Not Fully Tested - The keyboard, and the keys, and the tab switches below them all seem to be in terrific woring order. However, the electronics and wiring are not fully intact so this Univox could not be fully tested. But each function or feature on this thing, such as the keys themselves, all look to be in great shape. Servicing this vintage unit would turn it to a gem!


UNPACKAGED DIMENSIONS: 12" x 23" x 13.5"

Friday, January 26, 2018

A few NAMM 2018 Pics from Atomic Shadow

A few NAMM pics in via Atomic Shadow.


Pittsburgh Modular's Microvolt 3900
Waldorf's Quantum and STVC
The New Vox Continental
The Korg Prologue
The Elektron Digitone

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jonah Nilsson talks about VOX Continental & KORG KROSS 2

Published on Sep 20, 2017 KORGINC

"Jonah Nilsson (Dirty Loops) visited KORG Japan head office in the end of August, 2017 and checked brand new KROSS 2 and VOX Continental."

Lead sounds on the VOX Continental in addition to organ.

Friday, September 01, 2017

New Vox Continental: From Tradition to Innovation

Published on Sep 1, 2017 Vox Amps

"The original VOX Continental, a transistor organ that appeared in the 1960s, is a timeless classic beloved by top players as a practical keyboard with a home on any live stage. Now, a completely new keyboard that carries this concept into the present day has been again released by the VOX brand.

The VOX Continental uses a simple and intuitive interface that allows quick accessibility of every function. The high-quality sound engine section is centered on organ, electric piano, and acoustic piano, and provides a wealth of stage-ready sounds. In addition, the Continental features a powerful effects section to enhance these sounds, and even analog valve drive powered by Nutube, the cutting-edge vacuum tube. It's an instrument that perfectly fits your live performance requirements for a variety of styles including rock, pop, jazz, and more.

The air of tradition that emanates from VOX organs, together with the innovation of decades of research, down to the illuminated VOX logo shows the new VOX Continental is a fusion of both, redefining the existence of the modern stage keyboard."

via Vox

61 and 73 key versions.

Intuitive user interface that emphasizes playability on stage
ORGAN part that meticulously models three vintage organs
High-quality E.PIANO part with attention paid to every detail
Rich PIANO part powered by high-capacity samples
KEY/LAYER part with a wide range of variations
Intuitive and powerful effects that are optimized for live use
Touch sensor that can control a variety of parameters
Nine-band EQ that allows detailed control of your sound
Real valve drive sound powered by Nutube, the new vacuum tube
Newly developed waterfall keyboard provides excellent playability
Dynamics knob lets you freely customize the playing feel of the keyboard
Scene memories let you instantly switch between settings
Lightweight and compact body is built of sturdy sheet metal and aluminum
Carries on the scarlet color that's traditional for VOX organs
V861 volume/expression pedal and ST-Continental keyboard stand are included

Thursday, December 08, 2016

楽器フェア2016〜KORG / KID Booth Tour

Published on Dec 8, 2016



"It is an exhibition report movie of Korg related products of" Musical Instrument Fair 2016 "held at the Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, Tokyo, November 4 - 6, 2016. "

Some non-KORG products in there as well including Moog & Arturia towards the end. Check out the orange Vox Continental at the beginning.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

"星流" Vox Starstream (using Sustain Model) played by Yuichi Onoue(尾上祐一)

Published on Jun 3, 2016 TorigoyaSound

This one in via TorigoyaSound. Filing this one under guitar synths. Listen to the sustained synthetic tones coming out of it.

"星流" - Star Stream
written and performed by Yuichi Onoue(尾上祐一)

Yuichi Onoue plays Vox Starstream VSS-1 Modeling Guitar. Using 'Sustain Guitar' model. The notes(chords) you play are sustained.

Starstream is basically electric/acoustic modelling guitar.
It includes 27 preset tones processed by a powerful DSP engine AREOS-D system. But there are three synthetic sound presets, too. 'Sustain' is one of them. The notes you play are sustained with vibrato(or without vibrato). Of course, this sustain sound is processed by DSP engine AREOS-D system."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Few NAMM Pics & Comments in via Atomic Shadow Including the New VOX!

These in via Atomic Shadow

"The Vox keyboard is styled after the classic Continental combo organ. It has CX3 and Farfisa models as well as the classic Vox. It also has piano, clavs, Trons, and staple synth sounds. So it's in the same ball park as the Hammond SK-1 or the Roland thing.

The OB6 sounds fabulous! I am really impressed with the musicality of this thing. While I was there who wandered in but Tom Oberheim himself. I stepped back and fumbled with my phone but caught the moment. It was as if two unicorns had wandered in to a clearing. How often do you see something like this?

The Arturia Matrix Brute is a 3 oscillator mono synth with a Steiner filter and a classic ladder filter. The push button matrix is similar to a VCS3 pin matrix for connection modulation sources and destinations. Has CV options on the back. Again, this thing sounds incredible! The other photo is from a panel discussion about the future of synthesis. Check the roster! There was enough brain power on that stage that they could build an atomic bomb from items found in the room! Axel Hartman was in the audience."

Monday, December 28, 2015

Tomas Tulpe feat. Korrekte Aussprache - Synthesizer

Published on Dec 28, 2015 Luksan Wunder

Casio MA-101 & SK-5. Note the Vox guitar organ at 2:11 similar to this model posted earlier today.

"Tomas Tulpe feat. Korrekte Aussprache - Synthesizer.
Video by: Tomas Tulpe
Single + Remixe erscheint am 29.01.16 auf Rummelplatzmusik -"

60's Vox Guitar Organ V251

Vox Guitar Organ Demo

Published on Jun 11, 2010 Highnumbers

"Demo of a mid 60's Vox Guitar Organ----a rare and strange hybrid instrument that incorporated a Vox Continental organ and a Phantom guitar."

Note the video is from 2010 and likely not the same unit listed below.

via this auction

"This is a very rare and all original 1960's Vox Guitar Organ Model V251. Comes with with case, all accessories, and original hang tag! Super clean conditionj, just amaazing! Everything obn this unit seems to be in good working order except the repeater section is extremely faint, alsmost not there, so it will need some service. A great addition to any collection.

Here is a link to a You Tube Video demo, [embed above]


The Vox Guitar Organ was one of the most complicated and innovative products attempted by JMI Vox in the 1960s. The brain child of Vox lead engineer Dick Denney, the Guitar Organ added solid state organ circuitry derived from the Vox Continental organ to a Vox Phantom guitar. This allowed the Guitar Organ to be played as a guitar or an organ, either separately or combined.
The Vox Guitar Organ had six organ tone generator circuits built into a cavity in the guitar body, one generator for each of the six strings. The contacts that trigger the organ circuits to play were found in the frets of the guitar. Each fret on the guitar neck had six electronic contacts, one under each string. The circuit to the organ tone generator was completed when any of the guitar strings, which were grounded, were depressed to touch their respective fret mounted contact.

The organ tone generators developed different pitches based on the number of ohms separating the organ tone generator input signal from ground. The higher the electrical resistance, the lower the tone.

To facilitate the production of the correct organ pitch for each location on the neck, a series of twenty one resistors interconnected the twenty one fret contacts under each string, one resistor per fret. Depressing a string on the first (or lowest) fret would cause the signal to travel through all twenty one resistors before triggering the organ tone generator. Hypothetically, if each resistor was 100 ohms, the total accumulated resistance from the first fret contact to the tone generator would be 2100 ohms. This high resistance would make the lowest tone. Depressing the same string on the twelfth fret would require the signal to travel through only 9 resistors, or 900 ohms. This lower resistance would make a much higher tone. Playing on the highest fret would eliminate all but one resistor, and make the highest tone.

A remote power supply (seen at lower left) provided the necessary voltages to operate the organ circuitry and connected to the instrument with a multi pin connector cable."

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Arturia Introduces the V-Collection 4 - Matrix 12 V, Solina, Spark 2 and Vox Continental V

Published on Dec 2, 2014

"Arturia releases the V-Collection 4 including new software instruments: Matrix 12 V, Solina, Spark 2 and Vox Continental V."

Arturia introduces Matrix 12 V

Arturia Matrix 12 V tutorial part 1

Published on Dec 2, 2014

"Glen Darcey, VP Product Management, takes you on a tour around the Matrix 12 V."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

EMS Synthi E Graphic VCO & Vox Wah Oscillator

Published on Sep 20, 2014 Ebotronix

"3 tracks EMS Synthi E - VCO to Doepfer A 152 to Synthi E Ext in
Scope upper waveform Synthi E Filter
lower waveform A 152 & both waves for Lissajous
track 4: guitar to Vox Wah(revers connected) , Whammy, Delay
vid # 1128"

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Arturia Introduces the VOX Continental V

Published on Jun 5, 2014 Arturia Web·131 videos

"Vox V is a recreation of the classic VOX Continental 300 organ. This organ was used in countless classic hits of the 60's as well as part of the 80's ska/Two Tone sound.
Our version not only has modeled the classic Vox Continental 300 but we add the voice engine of the follow up instrument designed by Tom Jennings, the Jennings J70.
Each circuit was analyzed and then modeled. Not another sample library with a custom graphic, VOX V accurately recreates all the aspects of the original.

A special thanks to the Towerbrown for the soundtrack and featuring:

More info:"

Vox Continental V software tutorial

Published on Jun 5, 2014

"Glen Darcey, VP Product Management introduces to you the Vox Continental classic legend and the new powerful possibilities Arturia has added to it."

And the official press release:

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Analog ensemble study with the looper

Published on Aug 29, 2013 karenevil·290 videos

"Analog ensemble study with the looper.

KORG Volca bass,Volca keys,MS-20 mini,Vox DelayLab (Delay and looper),
Lexicon MX200 ( Delay )"

KORG Volcas on eBay
KORG MS20 Minis on eBay

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