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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Close Encounters ARP 2500 for Sale

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via Brian Carrigan:
"I have had it for over a decade and after much thought, hesitation, and swearing I never would... I think it's time to sell.

ARP 2500 (main cabinet and both wings) + keyboard.

Modules included:
(3) 1023 dual osc, (3) 1004t osc, (1) 1004p osc, (1) 1045 voice, (2)
1027 10X3 seq, (1) 1050 mix seq,
(3) 1006 filter / amps, (2) 1047 multimode filters, (1) 1036 dual S&H/ random voltage, (1) 1016 dual noise & slow random voltage, (1) 1005 Mod / amp, (1) 1003 dual ADSR, (2)
1046 quad ADSR, (1) 1002 pwr
supply, and keyboard with (1) SP-2 mono keyboard module, and (1) SP-4 duophonic KB module.

The skinny...
As far as I can tell, this was the last one built by ARP in 76' so even though it's 32 years old, it could be the newest remaining 2500. I am the 4th owner and the history as told to me by the seller was that this was the visual prop used in the filming of Close Encounters in 76' It was then purchased by Lucasfilm / Skywalker sound in Palo Alto and used for 8-10 years as a sound design machine. That was the Star Wars trilogy era so who knows, it could have designed the blaster doors or imperial droids for all I know. It was then sold off to make room for the hot new mirage samplers & DX7s. Ah, the 80's...

It is in excellent condition. Uber-ARP tech, Phil Cirocco repaired & calibrated all of the bad modules when I bought it and they are all still running strong. I haven't had any issues since and have no doubts it will still be running in another 32 years.

I have restored it to the best of my ability including finding every single colored slider cap (matching original color code of course) The original dual keyboard was destroyed in the making of the movie but was lucky enough to find another single manual one which contains an SP-2 and SP-4 module. Basically it's 2 octaves of reverse black keys in the bass range to control 1 voice and a duophonic 3-octave on top. Add 2 sequencers playing up to 3 note chords each plus a couple of S&H modules firing more voices and you've got a sound like Jerry Goldsmith's score to Logan's Run. Original owner's manual included as well as any extra slider caps & parts, calibration procedures, slider color code, etc.

You don't see these pop up very often, especially with both wing cabinets. Also, typical ones that I have seen for sale don't have nearly this module selection. Due to it's history, full module compliment, being restored, and in turn-key working condition, i'm obviously not going to part with it cheap.

If anyone is seriously interested... repeat... SERIOUSLY, please shoot me an email and make an offer. A local Los Angeles buyer would be greatly preferred as this is large, heavy, and fragile but if someone out of town or country really wants it and can line up a shipping company to professionally pack it and take responsibility, then i'm open.

pic of young speilberg and Dodds who recently passed away can be found in the special edition dvd of CE3k."

Update: this item has been sold.


  1. dont take less than 50K USD.

  2. Kind of loses the magic without the giant rolling cabinet.

  3. Too bad I'm broke (I had to fill up my car's gas tank yesturday), otherwise I'd put in a few dollars for it. Its freakin awesome!

  4. Lemme see now ...

    Everything I own? The 2500?

    Everything I own? The 2500?


  5. Interesting that it was built in '76; I thought ARP quit building these things around 1970. At the time that it was used in the movie, was it owned by ARP or was it Dodds' personal instrument? That's never been clear to me.

  6. 50k? I don't know, 30k seems fair. Then again if I was loaded I'd buy it regardless.

  7. I've seen and heard Brian's 2500 in person. It's well worth every dollar and I think is one of the few things for your studio out there that you could easily buy as an "investment piece" and surely its value would go up.

  8. does the 50K include a switchboard operator?

  9. Hey Brian, could you leave your email addy here so I can contact you concerning my 2500?

  10. i read this anouncement and went crazy because
    it seems that i am too late and the ARP2500 is already sold.

    i am a producer/songwriter based in berlin and on my own way to find new sounds and music-ideas
    i produced severel Gold and Platin Records in Germany lately with a band called MIA.

    my new project requires unique sounds. Iam interested heavily in unheared and artful noise constructions. After i experimented with a “doepfer” and other modular analogue synthysizer i heard of the ARP2500.

    it would be fantastic if somebody would have an idea who else might have an ARP 2500 and who probably sells it
    i would come instantly to every place too bring it safly to berlin
    and the instrument will be in good hands.

    if you can help please write to
    To get an idea of my work click:



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