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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blofeld Vst Editor Beta 2

via Telmo on the Waldorf List:
"I have been working a lot on this VST editor and here is the new beta!

Download [See Update below for new version]

New features:
- Panel can be synchronized with current Blofeld patch ("Get Patch" button)
- Reacts to either Midi CC or Sysex
- Full Oscilliators, Filters and LFO editing
- Updated GUI
- More editable parameters (no longer Midi CC only)
- ... some bugs :-/

Other features:
- Knobs are updated on screen if edited on the Blofeld
- Parameters saved and recalled when saving/loading your project

- Disable your Blofeld midi device in you host (will crash otherwise)
- Load the VST and select you master keyboard (or any other controller) as
input for the midi track
- Select the Midi input of your Blofeld
- Select the Midi output of your Blofeld
- (Optional) "Get Patch"
- That's it!

Was tested on following hosts:
- Cubase 4, Cubase SX3
- Reaper
- Renoise

I have noticed that the plugin really requires that the Blofeld midi inputs be free when selecting them. So check your host for this. Also, I have noticed that Novation Automap software sometimes hijacks the Blofeld midi ports thus making it impossible to select them.

This plugin is made with Synthmaker and thus will not be available on MacOS. Sorry.
However, it may work with a VST/AU wrapper (not tested as I don't have a Mac).

Feel free to suggest improvements and report bugs.

I hope you will like this new version!

Probable next improvements (but don't expect all of this in next beta!):
- More editable parameters (the goal is to have them all in order to have
some kind of "Total recall")
- Midi channel selection
- Parts management
- Maybe Sysex output

Have a nice day!

Update via Softknobs in the comments: "This is an outdated version of the plugin.
Newest version is at the official website,

Feel free to report any problem or suggest features."


  1. IF this ever became available as an AU plug-in, I would seriously consider the purchase of a Blofeld.

  2. works great on sx4,
    too bad doesnt run on live 7 though..:(

  3. whoa! thanks for developing this! will definitely look forward to see the final version with multipart/per channel editing (tabs on top of the editor ?)

  4. I got this working on fruity loops but not sonar. I don't use fruity loops which makes this a bummer. It crashes sonar, even when I deactivate the Blofeld as a midi device.

  5. This works amazing in FLstudio. Too bad I hate FLstudio. The only bug I found (other than than crashing Sonar 8) is that the arp doesn't sync to the midi clock. I can't wait until the next version because this is great stuff.

  6. ok for the record, it works with Sonar 6 and 7 but not 8.

  7. Can we hope for further development? There once was an initiative to develop a commercial VST editor for mQ (which i also own) that ended up with nothing ...

    I keep on hoping 8)

  8. Crashes for me on Cubase 4 & 5. Disabled midi device (inactive) for blofeld prior to loading vsti. Anyone else getting this problem?

  9. This is an outdated version of the plugin.
    Newest version is at the official website,

    Feel free to report any problem or suggest features.



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