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Friday, December 26, 2008

Et la tendresse?... Bordel!

via swissdoc. Note this one is NOT safe for work. It features an ARP 2600 and a pretty analog DIY controller. :)


It is taken from the French movie "Et la tendresse?... Bordel!" from 1979

Here the movie title was
"Verdammt noch mal...wo bleibt die Zärtlichkeit"

The text translates to:
Sorry, the music came from your flat?
Yes, ideed, is it disturbing you?
No, it makes me curious.
Do you live here in that house?
No, I just wanted to ask you some questions for a survey.
Yes, such an opinion survey...

Excuse me, I could understand if you would close the door in my face,
but I would really like to know what you are doing here?

Would it be very indiscreet to ask, what's going on here?

You know, we produce music from our emotions. We transform our sensation
of pleasure into music. Listen...

Who ist that?
I just wanted to ask you some questions for a survey.
What questions?
I don´t think that will interest you, it is about the pros and cons of
advertisment in sports broadcasting.

Do you change once in a while? I mean, do you let her stroke you?

Yes, but the music from a man is much more rudimentary. The female sensation
for pleasure is more suble, has more nuances and the music as well.

May I try? Please?

That´s normal, because, there is no love between you and her..."

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