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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Billy Corgan's Ichabod Delivered!

Some audio below.

Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins received his custom monster modular system aptly named Ichabod this Monday, 9/14/2009. It was hand delivered by the creator of Ichabod, George Mattson of Mattson Mini Modular along with Stephen Jones of Synthwood. Note today marks the second anniversary of the Mattson Mini Modular introductory post. Congratulations guys!

Billy Corgan on Ichabod: "It sounds as good as it looks. I'm very excited to see this synthesizer come to life. It's been a real pleasure to work with George MMMattson on this, I highly recommend anyone even casually interested in modular synthesis to go to and poke around.

This synth is a dream come true because it embraces all of the sonic dimensions of the old school synthesizers with the upside of modern technology.' - Billy Corgan. Sept 14, 2009

Be sure to click on the images for the full size shots.

Top: Stephen Jones, George Mattson, and Billy Corgan.

Middle: Ichabod patched, lit and ready to go.

Bottom: Ichabod paying tribute to Devil's Tower. A Close Encounter of the Synth Kind!

Again, congrats to Billy Corgan on receiving a beauty of a one of a kind, massive modular system. Congrats to George Mattson on completing such a massive endeavor, and congrats to Stephen for all his support and help. This is a significant moment in synth history.

Special thanks to George: Thanks for wearing the MATRIXSYNTH T! That is too cool. I am not worthy, I am not worthy... :) And more importantly, thanks for making the MMM.

Update: one more pic with Stephen.

Update: three lute patches from Ichabod

Update: some people question the physical stability of Ichabod standing. I've played with it and it is stable. via George Mattson: "The main cabinets are thicker than the satellite cabinets which helps with the stability but, gives an illusion of being thin. The main cabinets are 5.5” deep while the satellites are 3.5” deep. All cabinets are interlocked vertically to create solidity between cabinets and the satellites being angled forward provide a good counter balance. It’s stable."


  1. No longer a "mini" modular. Also Billy needs to lose the perv stache.

  2. Very nice. I want to make sexy time with it.

    That picture on the road makes me nervous. But I live in west Texas, where 30 - 40 MPH winds are commonplace.

  3. It's a mega-mini modular synth!

  4. Anybody ID the mixer on top on the left of the second photo? Would it be approved by Chris Randall? :)

  5. Er, meant on top of the Eventide unit to the left of the pic.

  6. Looks like a garden variety Mackie (1402?)

  7. Looks like it might fall/blow over - what's holding it up?

  8. I don't think I see the point in a system like this. It sure looks neat, but I hope that it gets used for more than just a stage prop at a concert. Is there really that much variety in a MMM system to warrant one of this size? I'd rather spend this sort of money on a Serge or Buchla system.

  9. well, there are all manner of eurorack, frackrack, and moogesq systems that size. and the MMM has as much variety as the o.g. moog system.

    Also, prices have gone waaay up. I hope the means these are selling well.

  10. I would not doubt that billy corgan may already have a buchla and or serge system.

    I don't think this is the average modular synth user purchase or "best bang for your buck"

  11. I believe royalties paid by Hyundi are what's holding it up.

  12. Is that Devil's Tower in Wyoming?
    Nice MatrixSynth shirt! Congrats!

  13. Oh duh.... I over looked it. Yes, it's Devil's Tower. LOL That is an awesome set up!

  14. I agree with Mr. Array in that I'm not sure I see the point. But then again Billy seems every other over the top synth so why not;)

  15. stephen's robo-pose looks dangerous while he's holding up the cable like thaaaat.
    almost as cool as the synth itself.

  16. The MMM makes sense in this size if you're planning on doing a classic polyphonic setup. In that sense, you don't need a massive array of modules. In fact, you could patch in an external modular if you felt you needed it, but either way, a strong modular polyphonic basis is what this seems like to me.

    In light of the other synths he owns, this makes good sense and good value.

  17. where the hell does billy even use the synths? his one solo record had a lot of synth stuff but that was it really.

    adore doesnt count because he didnt have any modular gear then, and there is maybe one synth sound on all of zeitgeist

    so wtf does he need a modular of this size for? is there some secret electronic billy corgan project I am missing out on?

  18. Finally! Glad it made it safely. I was fortunate enough to be able to play with it a little bit before it got delivered. This system is equivalent to 4 Moog System 55s. And it sounds dreamy =o] I hope this marks the beginning of a well deserved kick start of MMM orders! George works hard on these and he deserves it!

  19. Cool. Maybe I won't be dead before I can get my modular a fraction of this size. Always a treat to see wealthy people with things I'll probably never even touch.

  20. where are all the new MM modules that were shown within the system back when it was announced? here and here

  21. Good question. I think all might be in but the Sequencer, Quantizer and Aux Power Control. I believe the combined MIDI power modules are there instead of the Aux Power for more control. The Amplitude Follower, 4X Gate Delay, Utility 1, and VC Mixer are all in there. I know the Sequencer is coming soon.

  22. In response to Joey--

    He is working on a 44 song project that I'm sure will be all over the spectrum in terms of sound/instrumentation. The first batch of songs released haven't really gone down this particular sonic road, but stay tuned and I bet you'll hear Ichabod in the next few months.


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