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Thursday, October 15, 2009

8-bit Synth Custom Modded Commodore 64 - MSSIAH

via this auction
"This is a custom-modded commodore 64. It started out as a very clean (nearly mint) commodore 64c with the revision "E" motherboard (the last model to be produced, also the most reliable)

A SID2SID board has been installed and fitted with two SID 8580r5's for stereo output and up to six mono channels. Two 1/4" audio output jacks have been installed in the back (one for each SID) along with two RCA Jacks for composite Video (for hooking up to a modern television) One RCA provides color video, the other provides ultra-sharp black and white video. There is a 7" LCD monitor attached to this machine (see pictures) for portability and to save space in your studio. This LCD monitor has two inputs, you can hook both rca's to the monitor and switch between color and b/w with the included remote control (not pictured) You can also hook a dvd player or video game system to this monitor when you're relaxing in your studio....

The stock red power LED has been replaced with a super-bright blue LED and it looks really cool.

A stereo potentiometer has been installed on the front panel to control the feedback/ noise reduction circuit. When the knob is turned fully counter-clockwise the audio input is disabled (this eliminates the ground noise that has always been an issue with these machines) When the knob is turned clockwise, the feedback circuit is activated and the SIDs begin to distort (in a good way, think gritty acid basslines) when the knob is turned all the way up the SIDs are capable of reaching self-resonance (which sounds lovely with MSSIAH's bassline application)

Note: this auction does not include the MSSIAH cartridge, you may purchase your own for about $60.00. for more information on MSSIAH, go here"

Sold For: US $390.00

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