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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mint ARP 2500 Synthesizer for Sale and Videos

via Steve: "This is a once in a lifetime chance to own an Arp 2500 without breaking the bank to do it. The eBay listing tells the whole story- this Arp 2500 was purchased during ARP's bankruptcy auction, on site at ARP, by my friend Larry O. The modules were, and remained, in plastic wrap with tags right off the QA line. He recently assembled them into a 'mini' Arp 2500 system built into a cabinet from the QA dept of ARP.

It was fully serviced by Phil at CMS just now and is on eBay.

You will probably never, ever, see such a pristine and AFFORDABLE Arp 2500 for sale... Get it before its gone!"

via this auction:
"The Who’s Pete Townshend and Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page were only two of the devotees of this legendary instrument. Hell, it was the ARP 2500 that was used to call to the aliens in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”!

The History
This extremely rare and primo system is the last of more than 100 modules and eight cabinets I personally purchased from the auction at the ARP factory when the company went out of business back in 1981. These modules were still wrapped in plastic with QA tags attached when I got them. (See recent photo of QA tags below.) They have seen very little use over the last 30 years (the QA tags are stamped with 1975 dates).

The cabinet resided in ARP’s Engineering Department, where it was used for prototyping new modules. The original serial number tag identifies it as being the 45th cabinet made in 1970 (70-045). Five of the modules and the cabinet sport ARP’s earliest logo (the “squishy lines”), while the rest have the “treble clef” logo.

Vintage? Oh yeah.
Needless to say, I cherry-picked a beautiful configuration to keep as my final remnant: four VCOs, two VCFs, two VCAs, four envelope generators, sample/hold, noise generators.

For the full auction story and a listening tour of this instrument, copy and paste these links to see my YouTube videos [below]

The Modules
This is one sweeeeet system, the likes of which you are not likely to see again. It’s the real deal:
1004-T Oscillator (mixable waveform)
1023 Dual Oscillator
1045 Voltage-Controlled Voice (this thing is The S**t)
1036 Dual Sample & Hold/Random Voltage
1003 Dual EG
1006 Filtamp
1016 Dual Noise

Click “Buy It Now” and get an additional 1006 Filtamp, also just back from service by CMS!

The Icing on the Cake
Included are an original, print Owner’s Manual, a CD containing PDFs of all the circuits and parts (though you really should have Phil do any work on it), and a cabinet extension cable.

On request I can provide an Excel doc containing The Gory Details: serial numbers, CMS service specifics, patching details for the outer slots."

Sold For: US $12,000.00

ARP2500 KingoftheModulars

YouTube via theonlylarrytheo
"Larry the O gives a tour of his ARP2500, including how he purchased it at the ARP auction."

ARP2500 mod improv1

"Part 1 of 2 of Larry the O improvising on an ARP 2500 modulation patch. A sound design session from the boop-squawk school."

ARP2500 mod improv2

"Part 2 of 2 of Larry the O improvising on an ARP 2500 modulation patch. Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced? Well, I have."

ARP2500 S&H improv

"Larry the O improvising on an ARP 2500 sample-and-hold patch. Boop-squawk sound design, old-school style."

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