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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NOT NAMM: Karlax Alternate Conroller

French site here. Googlish here.

Note the instrument can be rotated along the visible seem. If you click on the "change the view" link in the image on site you can see how this works.

"DA FACT creates innovative instruments which, unlike other controllers and interfaces from the computer, release creativity and expressiveness of composers and performers in the digital arts. DA FACT instruments are the result of 7 years of intensive research and development and are protected by several patents.

Their intuitive ergonomics by placing the body of the artist at the center of his game, instruments DA FACT opens new fields of art, as well as the Nintendo Wii or Apple iPhone opens up new uses. For their versatility, they can embrace the totality of sound arts - from music to art music underground - and visual arts - the game of theatrical lighting to new set designs multimedia complex."

via Wavedeform in the comments of this post. Update via Wavedeform in the comments:

Karlax : la flûte enchantée

YouTube via Newzyfr
"Il a le look d'une clarinette mais il n'a pas de anche. Karlax est un instrument de musique révolutionnaire et futuriste multi-média, inventé par le compositeur Rémi Dury. Newzique Maestro !
Retrouvez toutes les vidéos sur le site au"

"It has the look of a clarinet but has no reed. Karlax is an instrument of revolutionary music and futuristic multi-media, invented by the composer Remi Dury. Newzique Maestro!
Find all the videos on the site"


  1. Quick translation:

    - How could we define this instrument? From which other instruments we all know, this one gets closer?

    - This is a difficult question, because by the shape of it we could say a clarinet except that we don't blow in the instrument, it doesn't have one position but several positions so at each move it becomes something else. And according to the music we'll play, according to the music we're into, pop, dance, or if we're in contemporary music, each musician who will use it won't move it around the same way. They will give it a new shape.

    - In fact with this instruments, which is called Karlax, we can play every kind of music?

    - Yes, the possibilities are infinite. There are no limits anymore. There are several ways to play the notes, there's no need of a keyboard where you do gymnastics on the notes, I can do it with one note, or two notes if I want it to. Now if we want to play notes, it's not needed to think of the traditional way, since now we can play notes with several different ways... this instruments helps to think about new ways to play a different way.

    For example, a chess game, it's relatively simple, but there are so many possibilities. With Karlax, it's exactly the same. Well, if there are comparisons to do, it could be compared like this.

    - So you will be a concurrent of Guitar Hero on Wii?

    - Ah Guitar Hero... we don't... we don't play in the same race.

    - What will it bring to musicians who already play traditional instruments?

    - Well, there are already many traditional musicians who feel limited by their instrument, because either they're forced to play in great rooms which are amplified, for example with a violin, they're forced to amplify their violin. When we amplify our violin, we also modify the sound of our violin so we will want to polish this sound by adding a reverb. So we enter in the electroacoustic chain and by adding a reverb, we could add an "octavieur" and make it sound like a double bass, for example. And this is it, by adding more effects, I want to add more and more, it will bring more musical ideas. I find this is interesting because it brings more repertoires, and I start to enter into new technologies.

    - And how much people are actually playing this instrument?

    - Ah, well, since there's only one prototype, I'm the only one playing it today. We will make a pre-series of 30 instruments, in October there will be a release of 10 instruments. We will open the pre-orders starting July, so we will ship by October.

    - So unfortunately we won't be able to have it by sunday in Paris.

    - No.

    - But you may tell us an artist to see or a place to go... What will you do as a musician by sunday evening?

    - On Sunday evening, professional musicians don't play at the Fête de la Musique (World Music Day)...

  2. Fixing my translation. In:
    "- So you will be a concurrent of Guitar Hero on Wii?"
    "concurrent" should be "competitor"



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