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Friday, May 14, 2010

Diabolical Modified Casio SK-1 Circuit-bent MIDI 6/02/09b

YouTube via classaelectronics — June 02, 2009 —

"Diabolical Modified Casio SK-1 with MIDI, bending patch bay, and dual oscillators. Available occasionally at"

via this auction

"The Diabolical Modified Casio SK-1 (Version 3) is the new and improved circuit-bent glitch monster from Diabolical Devices. Create vast sound-sacapes, unique synth sounds and total chaos, all packed inside your favorite childhood toy. The Casio SK-1 is loaded with original features, sampling capabilities, and great sounds (for what it was....) all Diabolical modified SK-s include MIDI retrofit from Highly Liquid which allows you to trigger any of the SK-1's notes via MIDI input, this is great for playing original sounds with larger keyboard or triggering glitched sounds from a machine or sequencer.

Diabolical Devices aka Class A Electronics, LLC is a leader in Professionally Modified Synthesizer and Audio Equipment, Expert Repair Services, and has a full line of Hand-Wired Tubes Amplifiers and Effects (Diabolical Amplification). Their work has been featured at NAMM, art galleries, music videos, countless tech blogs, and used by musicians all over the world, professionals and enthusiasts alike. The circuit-bending and synth mods are the work of head-technician James Gramling who has spent the last 12 years in professional audio service and electronics prototyping. Check out the new for updated specs, custom work questions, and new releases from Diabolical Devices

Diabolical Modified Casio SK-1 Features:
20 point circuit-bending interface: Heavy-duty banana jacks on hand made turret board panels. This patch-bay allows you to scramble sound data as the synth addresses it, and the result is an endless variety of weird effects, noise, filtered and modulated bends, and one of a kind sounds (seriously, you might one hear some things once). It's a mixed bag of playable bends and bends that play themselves. These patch locations will affect each preset sound differently and also affect samples and chord/auto-play functions. This patch-bay also allows you to cross-patch with other bent devices for more ROM scrambling goodness.

Dual Square Wave Generator: A Diabolical Devices original. This mod allows you to patch the output of two different oscillators into circuit-bending patch locations. One oscillator is an LFO (low freq.), when patched to this point it will create controllable modulation, pulsing bends, and other strange reactions. The second stage is an Audio Frequency Oscillator which will react similarly to the LFO and create tunable overtones. Each Oscillator has an on/off switch with LED indicator, pitch/speed control, and a corresponding patch point.

Skew Bank: This is a great mod adapted from Reed Ghazala's original SK-1 bends, basically its a bank of 5 switches, when activated each switch will generate a different pulsing or semi-looping bend which affects original keyboard sounds.

MIDI INPUT by Highly Liquid (
1/4" Audio Output
Blue Power LED"

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