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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Bit-52's The World's Greatest Parts Band playing The B-52's - Rock Lobster

YouTube via bd594 | September 07, 2010

From the man who brought us Bohemian Rhapsody and Funkytown.
"What do you get when you combine retro computer parts and an up and coming robot band?

The Bit-52's

This is dedicated to all fans of The B-52's who are also known as the "Worlds Greatest Party Band". It just so happens they currently on tour so go out and buy some tickets. This idea has been simmering in my mind for the last couple of years and after many months of procrastinating it is finally complete. I was also motivated to finish my robot band after seeing a YouTube Video from "The Trons" from New Zealand.

The Bit-52's consist of:

Fred's Vocals - TI99/4a computer, speech synthesizer and terminal emulator ii module
Kate and Cindy's Vocals - Two HP Scanjet 3C scanners, UBunto and sjetplay written by GanjaTron
The Guitar, Keyboard, Cow Bell, Cymbal and Tambourine are all controlled by various types of push/pull solenoinds for a total of 23. The Solenoids are powered by four ULN2803 darlington drivers and everything is controlled by two PIC16F84A microcontrollers."


  1. Lol that was funny and the band gave a better performance than Kraftwerk on their recent tours from what I hear ;)

  2. come on Andy - this video is cool. But I dont think Kraftwerk cannot top it - I have seen them 2 years ago in HK (BESIDES SOUND PROBLEMS - NOT LOUD ENOUGH) IT WAS REALLY GOOD.

  3. No of course you are right,I was only joking. I was thinking about that time they came on stage and stood in front of their laptops the whole show (allegedly checking their emails lol). If I went to that particular show I reckon I'd be a bit miffed!



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