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Monday, December 20, 2010

Something Wicked is Coming From M-Audio

"Get ready for an aggressive new M-Audio sound.

On January 13, 2011, we'll unveil a wicked new sound to the world.

Enter your information below to be notified at launch—and if you’re in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Ireland, you’ll be automatically entered in a drawing to win your own."

via M-Audio where you'll find the form and a teaser video with The Crystal Method.

Update: some additional info.

Teaser splash. Details in Googlish:

"Venom 49 synthesizer keyboards from M-Audio combines classic analog synthesizers character modern digital processing to bring a new sound, aggressive and catchy. Stimulate your appetite with included presets, and then feed up with original sounds that you can create them - from the sounds of the atmosphere, subtle, to sound angry and categorical. You can easily play with the parameters of the synthesizer or potentiometers can explore the limitless possibilities of sound processing using the included software publisher. You can play bass lines or main parts made with this synth can please even the most demanding musicians. You can also use the audio interface with Pro Tools M-Powered (minimum 8 or higher) or any other audio software. Thus, you have a production car that you can lead in some areas where the music never was.

Venom comes with 512 patches and 256 straight multi-sound patch (the layers) made by the renowned team of sound designers in the world. All the Venom will find a classical arpeggios, for more animation. With the new synth engine of the M-Audio, Venom flavor blends anolog sound on digital power. Thus they create a distinctive note that is distinguished easily from other digital synthesizers. Where you have 41 oscillators and 53 sample drum sounds from the keyboards of cargo last 40 years, and an oscillator for a DSP May retro vibe. Each of the 12 simultaneous voice virtual analog oscillators have three each, which gives tremendous flexibility for octave, intervals and detuning. For more ways to manipulate the sound, the filter multimodal operations can 12dB/octava Venom (2-pole) and 24 dB / octave (4-pole).

The most important caractersitici:

* heat combines modern digital processing of vintage synthesizers
* 512 and 256 single patches patch layers
* intuitive control surface and easy to use software + editor
* 49-sized keyboard
* Compatibility with Pro Tools
* USB Audio / MIDI"


  1. Oh please, just another VAsynth

  2. "via M-Audio where you'll find the form and a teaser video with The Chemical Brothers. "

    Not the Chemical Brothers but the Crystal Method.

  3. get ready for a new M-Audio crappy product.

  4. Maybe it'll be a sound card that doesn't glitch the audio signal.

  5. i think it's a soundcard with properly working drivers.

  6. i've never had an issue with any m-audio gear...maybe it's because the PC's i run this gear on are always clean OS installs that never hit the internet?

  7. i had troubles with one and my pc installs are clean and they don't go on the net either.the audio was going off for no reason i replaced it with warranty and it- was rthe same..i'll never buy one again :)

  8. ok those are the two biggest shills there are. however, please amaze me without being a pedal or effects box like all the roland count downs. seriously, we need something new.

  9. OMFGZ! It's a new VA pluginz!
    It's the coolest new thing.

    I love how the guys are like " it's uh, unique".

    c*ck tease indeed

  10. The tag line "Something wicked this way comes" is from Shakespeare's MacBeth. Perhaps it's a VA version of the M5 :-)


  11. I just posted the details over at Gearslutz. Basically: 49-key VA, audio interface with ProTools (et al), 12 oscillator layers/voices, 41 oscillator types, 53 drum sample types [don't know if this means kits or individual samples], software editor included, usb audio + midi.


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