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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Folktek Arts Bug XI

via Folktek Arts

Folktek on eBay

Update: Details via this auction:
"The Bug XI By Ben Houston .
This custom piece is part of a folktek series entitled "philanthropoid"". Known simply as the Bug series. Also in the series on the site and around the world is the Mantis, dronescape sequencer,the book of sound, the moth, the growling insect, the bug, the octa-hedra, walking stick, pendulum translator and others. The sound is phenomenol and continues to amaze us. It is a sonic symphony of nasty and grimy sweetness, endless layers of sound possibilities emenating from High quality OSC originally based on high tech speech synthesis. Seemingly random bits can be rediscovered time and time again and then there are those moments that you will most likely never rediscover. Endlessly captivating, this piece WILL provide sounds that you will not find in other synthesizers and will astonish you every time you turn it on.

This particular piece features four patchable knobs, and a twelve point magnetic patchbay. This allows you to determine function and provides tons of flexibility. In addition, two more knobs (global knob control and power kill) , glowing lamp power indicator , 2 folktek button/switches for activate and freeze mode sections, reset, 1/4" output, basic manual of function and layout. You'll be able to cipher through waveforms and textures with extreme sensitivity in thousands of ways. Waveforms (individual, or multiple layers) can be captured and maintained, often intermodulating in beautiful and/or disturbing ways. Super sensitive knobs let you filter through tons of sounds and glitchscapes. Albums are waiting to be created here as the sound is quite different from anything else you'll find.. Includes DC adaptor"

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