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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rhythm Core Alpha, International Release!

See the video here
"Rhythm Core AlphaTM is the most advanced, easiest to use music cre- ation system for the Nintendo DSi. It’s advanced DRUM GRID and NOTE GRID allow rhythm loops, basslines, and melodies to be created simply by tapping spots on the screen. You can see all the parts at once, making it much easier and faster to get your beats down.

It also has a unique 2D SOLO MODE, which lets you play sound live with the Nintendo DSi stylus. This mode’s 2d grid makes the largest number of notes available at once, making it easy to play real melodies.

Finally, the PATTERN SCREEN ties it all together, allowing the beats and chord changes to be ar- ranged into complete songs.

Not only does Rhythm Core AlphaTM have the easiest and most powerful sequencing on the Nintendo DSi, but Rhythm Core AlphaTM also does things no other music program will do. It recog- nizes the key and scale of the music you have created, and allows you to
change key easily with the +Control Pad. You can also sequence those changes in the PATTERN SCREEN. Nothing else does this.

Patterns can contain many loops that you can also select with the Nintendo DSi’s buttons, allowing you to change your beat or chord progression when- ever you want. Nothing else does this.

Finally, the SOLO MODE only shows notes that match the key and scale of the music you have sequenced, making it impossible to hit a wrong note. Nothing else does this.

Rhythm Core AlphaTM comes with nearly 300 built-in sounds, including synth sounds, orchestral sounds, rock sounds, and even old computer and video game (chipmusic) sounds. Furthermore, it al- lows the sounds to be customized with an adjustable ADSR envelope, and now with a powerful multi- waveform vibrato feature that is new to this release!

Numerous features have been added for this release, including not just the Vibrato, but also live recording of your solos directly into instrument tracks, live recording of your block and key changes into patterns, and enhanced pattern editing. This makes it not only the fastest program for sequenc- ing, but also a great tool for live performance. You can actually build an entire song live, in front of an audience! You can change the key of the music you sequenced with the +Control Pad or face buttons, like fingering a guitar, while soloing with the Nintendo DSi stylus using your other hand. Or you can sequence all of the chord changes in the pattern mode and concentrate more on your soloing.

We are pleased to announce that no changes have been made to the graphics in the program at all for this release. It is ugly because it is pow- erful, and we haven’t wasted any time or system resources on making it pretty. Rhythm Core Alpha presents you with as many controls as we could cram onto the Nintendo DSi’s two screens, which may overwhelm some, but gives the most power to the user. We consider this a profes- sional music tool, and think that it is a mistake to dumb down programs for the perceived “general audience”. Rhythm Core AlphaTM is the most advanced music program on the Nintendo DSi.


Drum Grid
• 12 tracks
• 64 beats
• 122 sounds
• 7 velocity levels
• track mute and solo modes
• 7 powerful editing options: copy, shift, set, clear, random, echo, and velocity.

Note Grid
• 8 tracks
• 64 beats
• 166 sounds
• 7 velocity levels
• track mute and solo modes
• 8 powerful editing commands: copy, shift, set, clear, random, echo, velocity, and transpose.
• automatically detects key and scale, allows changing with +Control Pad or buttons.
12 tracks 64 beats 122 sounds 7 velocity levels track mute and solo modes 7 powerful editing options: copy, shift, set, clear, random, echo, and velocity.
• 24 key/scale (chord) change options using buttons, from 120 possible key/scale combinations.

Solo Mode
Pattern Mode
• 2D solo grid gives over 6 octaves of notes on screen
• each note can reach 6 other notes without lifting the Nintendo DSi stylus for more fluid play
• notes in grid remap to current scale... no wrong notes can be hit!
• user can override scale selection
• drums can also be played from the solo screen!
• Can now be recorded into the note and drum grid!

Sound Engine
• Allows sequencing of drum & bass loops and key changes!
• Can be recorded live!
• Allows multiple loops of beat and key changes for performance flexibility!
• New easier editing features added!
• Select pattern step with +Control Pad or buttons!

Language Support
• Fully localized in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, including manuals and all in - product text.

For videos, audio samples, screen shots and support forums, go to"

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