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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Korg Delta Vintage analogue synth

via this auction

"For those that don't know this synth it is polyphonic and has 2 very seperate sections, namely the 'Synthesizer' and the 'Strings' and each section has its own dedicated set of parameter pots and switches.

1) The analogue String section is quite straightforward and has a simple AR (envelope generator) with a pot for blending the octave range of the sound from 16' to 8' with a nice fat sounding mix at 12 o'clock and completing the String section is the 2 band EQ with a simple yet effective Bass and Treble pots and a Multi/Single Trigger switch for Triggering of notes. The String section has its own dedicated output and a mixed output, very useful for live work as well as in the studio.

2) The analogue Synthesizer section is a little more complex with 4 octave range sliders for simultanious or single use from 16' to 2' plus Noise, these also have a an Octave switch to raise the pitch by one octave. The Synth section has a full ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Realease Envelope Generator which can be assigned to the Band-pass or Low-pass filter section where the Depth and Phase is controlled by the EG (Envelope Generator) Amount pot. Then there is the all inportant Resonance pot and Cut-Off Frequency slider, a must for any analogue synth and some truly weird and wonderful true analogue sounds can be realized from this simple set-up, along with all the classic fat basses and searing lead solo, plus of course the endless polyphonic capabilities for pads etc. There are 3 more switches for this Synth section for 'Keyboard Follower' to track the note frequency, the Trigger switch for Multi/Single shot triggering and finally the VCA/EG Mode switch, this is used for the amp section to either follow the envelope generator or simply on/off with no ADSR effecting the amp.

There are 2 sliders on the output for individual output level mixing of Synth and Strings and an overall Volume pot linked to the Power on/off switch. There is a joystick control for modulation of notes set by the MG Speed and Vibrato Depth pots, you can also use Noise to modulate with the Joystick, there are also 2 additional switches for the FM Depth and fcM Depth all controllable from the Joystick, all in all a great range of routing is possible for some truly amazingly effects to the basic oscillators, and of course it does the usual pitch up/dow bit too."

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