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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yamaha E70 organ into Yamaha CS80 synth

YouTube Uploaded by allvek597 on Oct 11, 2011
Re-Published on Feb 12, 2016

"Customized Yamaha E70 organ into 2 and half Yamaha CS80: uppwe and lower keyboards are 2 polyphonic synths 2 OCS's per voice, 7 voices and monophonic synth with 2 OCS's per voice for bass pedal or extra keyboard. Same heart like CS80, same P.A.S.S. sound technology, same filter. Plus 7 individual outputs, inputs for sustain pedals, 2 general outputs. You can dual upper and lower synths + 2 organs. Sounds like CS80? yes, absolutely, it is CS80,but now it could be much bigger by mixing 2 synths and 2 organs together"

E70 via this auction

"...extremely rare vintage analog home type organ/synth Yamaha D85 in chopped condition. The organ came from original 1st owner. I bought one recently and it was modified into what You see now in the pictures, the organ weight is around 100lbs now( Yamaha YC-45 is 136lbs, CS80 242lbs). Yamaha D85 is basically model the E-70, top line at that time, made in 1977, with the addition of a rhythm sequencer, digital tempo readout, more rhythm variations, as well as Vocal and String Ensembles and 3rd keybed as a synth!!!. You can mix not only different waves, but You can mix keybeds. 3rd small keyboard has phenomenal synth sounds by itself plus AFTERTOUCH!!!, but if You mix with sounds of 2 orchestral presets and active orchestral waves... fattest I've ever heard. Also You can mix 2nd and lower keyboard in any possible way and even to add bass pedal orchestral sounds. D85 was top-of-the-line home console model that used Yamaha's "Pulsed Analog Synthesis System" (PASS) to create more lifelike sounding instruments. PASS took technology from the GX-1 and incorporated it into a consumer model instrument. The ramifications revolutionized the organ industry. Instruments voices began evolving towards emulating the true orchestral instruments rather than theater organ equivalents. Same technololy applied to Famous Yamaha CS80. Strings and voices beat ARP Solina and probably better then on CS80( I had one for a while)and of course much better than YC series including YC30 or YC 45D. Unit has also arpeggiator in 6 variations, sequencer, hold effect and tons of other feature included stupid drum machine. Yamaha D85 is certainly better than YC 45D and this particular one even weights less on 30lbs. I have to say sounds awesome, very rich and unique sound. Organ is practically is in very nice condition, everything looks fine and works fine. I hate to sell even this one, but I simply cannot afford to keep one at this moment. Besides chopping job and whole rewiring was not cheap at all. it's very rare vintage organ and it's hard to find one these days especially in great electronic and cosmetic chopped condition,You wil be shocked how good and sensitive aftertouch on organ and that's piece of history. which give you unique sound not buying Yamaha CS80 for $9000(I can't believe it!!!)"

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