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Friday, January 27, 2012

NAMM 2012 Video of Mike Martin & the Casio XW-P1 Including Deeper Editing

Don't miss the second video below. The first is the general overview and the second is deeper editing of the synth engine parameters. This is a full blown editable synth. The full list of parameters are not yet available but you will see some of them in the second video. What's impressive is it's essentially a six oscillator synth that you can layer with built in arpeggiator, step sequencer and effects. The interface is pretty nice. You use the sliders to set oscillator levels, step parameters and more. It also supports MIDI CC and sysex. The plan on creating a PC editor, but no plans for an iPad editor at this point. Of course ou should be able to create your own. Mike mentions CZ waveforms in the first video. I believe these are PCM samples of the waveforms as the XW-P1 does not support Phase Distortion synthesis. What's interesting is you'll see a section of the synth engines is under a PCM label while the Synth, Hex and and Drawbar Organ are not. I'm guessing it's meant to point out the type of sounds you expect vs. the engine itself. It's my understanding it's all PCM. It does sound good, extremely good for the price actually. The GW-P1 exchanges the Hex layer for a sampling engine. You can sample your own sounds.

One thing that throws me off after watching these again is at 2:34 in the first video you will see him adjust the filter cutoff while holding down a chord and he mentions it, however at 3:51 in the second video he mentions the filter does not work in real time for hex sounds. Not sure what the difference is. I might have missed it as I'm post editing mode. If you know feel fee to comment. Both of these videos are worth watching in full.  Update: turns out real time filter control via the filter knob only works in solo mode.  See this post.

NAMM 2012: Casio's Mike Martin - Overview of the Casio XW-P1

YouTube Uploaded by matrixsynth on Jan 26, 2012

NAMM 2012: Casio's Mike Martin - Deeper Editing on the Casio XW-P1

Pics here: NAMM 2012: Casio Booth Pics with the New XW-P1 & XW-GW1 Synthesizers
The original teaser post here: NAMM: Our First NAMM Teaser of the Year Comes from Casio

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