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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yamaha Synth Arp & Drum Pad for iPad

Note: Auction links are affiliate links for which the site may be compensated. Not to be confused with Yamaha's Keyboard Arp & Drum pad (just posted). This one is brand new and is currently only available on iTunes Japan at the moment. I have confirmation US is coming soon and I'm guessing UK with it. Googlish description below. This one in via Yuya.
Update: US version now available here.
★☆ 2012/7/31まで発売記念価格350円にて販売 ☆★


* Core MIDI対応アプリケーションです。Yamaha MOTIF XF(本体バージョンv1.2以降)とは、Wi-Fi通信が可能です。また、MIDI Interface i-MX1を使えば、全てのMIDI機器に対応できます。Yamaha MOTIF XFとのWi-Fi通信のためには、別途、市販のUSB Wi-Fi Adaptorが必要です。

Software Synthesizer
- 7つのドラムキットを含む、61種類の高音質な音色が選択可能
- Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release, Portamento をノブでコントロール可能。音色設定が容易です。
- エフェクトも、リバーブ・コーラス・バリエーションエフェクトを個別に設定可能。

Keyboard Arpeggiator & Scale
- さまざまな楽器の演奏パターンを収録した342種類のアルペジオが選択可能。
- それぞれのアルペジオフレーズはSWING、ノートの長さ、オクターブレンジなどの設定をリアルタイムで調整できます。
- 更に、スケールを切り替えての演奏もできます。スケールキー上では、タップしたまま指を前後左右に動かすことで、Cutoff,Resonance等の音色コントロールが可能です。(タッチコントロール機能)
- iPad画面上でのタップの強度をベロシティに反映、画面左のリボンコントローラーでもコントロール可能です。

Drum Pad
- 16個のドラムパッドには、それぞれ5つのノートを指定したベロシティで入力できるので、指一本でのコード演奏や複数のパーカッションの演奏ができます。
- さらにひとつのパッドには右と左で別々のノート、ベロシティを登録することができ、より細かい演奏が可能です。iPad画面上でのタップの強度もベロシティに反映します。
- パッドごとに搭載されているステップシーケンサーを使って、リズムトラックを簡単に作成することも出来ます。
- また、Learn機能を使えば、画面下部に表示される鍵盤や外部MIDI機器の鍵盤でコードを押さえるだけで、簡単に和音を一つのパッドに登録できます。
- 64種類のユーザーテンプレートを使ってお好みの設定を保存できます。

MIDI Loop Sequencer/Recorder
- 先に録音した演奏を再生しながら、その音楽に合わせ別の演奏をプラスして録音する、オーバーダブでの録音ができます。
- 通常の録音の他、任意の長さのループを前提とした録音も選択できます。
- クオンタイズ設定や、録音スピードの調節、プリカウント設定も可能。
- データセットも最大5つまで保存できます。"


"In a variety of phrases and beat, Yamaha's new apps to play freely enjoy!
Sold at price 350 yen ★ ☆ commemorating the release until 2012/7/31 ☆ ★
Enjoy during the anniversary sale along with the synthesizer app!

And using the drum pad (the ability to play automatically generates a distributed pattern played chords) arpeggiator, easy to play synthesizers and MIDI devices connected within the app, music in the phrase of a variety of musical genres is an application that can be produced.
Synthesizer with arpeggiator and using the 342 types of, 61 types of high-quality sound, generated in real time the phrase of a variety of genres such as hip-hop dance music from rock and pop, you can easily track making.

Enabled applications * Core MIDI. Yamaha MOTIF XF (since version v1.2 body), Wi-Fi communication is possible. You can also use a MIDI Interface i-MX1, can support all MIDI equipment. Wi-Fi to communicate with the Yamaha MOTIF XF, a separate, you need a USB Wi-Fi Adaptor on the market.

Software Synthesizer
- Choice of seven, including a drum kit, and 61 types of high-quality sound
- Can be controlled by the knob Cutoff, Resonance, Attack, Release, the Portamento. It is easy to set tone.
- No effects, reverb, chorus, can be set individually effect variations.

Keyboard Arpeggiator & Scale
- 342 types can be selected arpeggio pattern was recorded playing of various instruments.
- Each arpeggio phrase length can be adjusted in real time SWING, notes, settings such as the octave range.
- In addition, you can switch the scale of performance. On the scale key, by moving your finger from side to side before and after tap and hold, control tone Cutoff, Resonance, such as is possible. (Touch control)
- Reflected in the velocity of the strength of the tap on the screen iPad, it is possible to control in the ribbon controller on the left side of the screen.

Drum Pad
- The 16 drum pads, so you can enter the specified velocity of each of the five notes, you can play multiple percussion playing and code with one finger.
- To one pad can be registered on separate note, the velocity in the left and right, which can be used to further fine performance. velocity will be reflected in the intensity of the tap on the screen iPad.
- You can also use the step sequencer that is installed in each pad, to easily create a rhythm track.
- Also, just hold down the code in the keyboard of an external MIDI device or keyboard function allows you to Learn, to be displayed at the bottom of the screen, you can register on the pad of one chord easily.
- You can save the settings of your choice with the user 64 different templates.

MIDI Loop Sequencer / Recorder
- You can while playing back the recorded performance before, to record another plus to the music playing, and recording in overdub.
- Other normal recording, you can also select the recording that assumes the loop of any length.
- Quantize settings and possible adjustment of recording speed, and set the pre-count.
- You can also save up to five data sets."

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  1. This has been available in the US itunes store since late last year


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