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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Comparison of Modular Noise Modules

American noise

"An assortment of raw noise from vintage american modular synths: Serge Modular (paperface) white noise, Serge Modular (paperface) pink noise, RA Moog Modular 903 white noise, RA Moog Modular 903-A white noise, RA Moog Modular 903-A pink noise, ARP2500 1016 white noise, ARP2500 1016 pink noise. Recorded direct to disk without amplification or attenuation. Note the difference in output levels between the systems. See for more info and pics"

American Noise (normalised)

"Here are just the white noise recordings but this time they are all the same output level
1] Serge (paperface)
2] RA Moog 903
3] RA Moog 903-A
4] ARP2500 1016"


The following two demos appear to have been pulled from soundcloud. Leaving the original embed code here in case they come back.

Buchla 266e & SFTMC 160 Noise Comparison

"Simple - raw noise output comparisons.

All audio signal path = 266e & 160 straight to 206 mixer, equal setting - no attenuation (the 206 worked great as it it allows switched signal muting). Then right into the computer via MOTU 8pre interface. No effects, or compression.

Quite a range of noise styles here. The output of the 160 is hotter than the 266e. The 160 1/f output has a "cycling" sound to it . . . I imagine the module needs a service, not sure ??

- Adam

1- 266e -3db/oct
2- 266e flat
3- 266e +3db/oct
4- 160 flat
5- 160 1/f
6- 266e flat
7- 160 flat
8- 266e -3db/oct
9- 160 1/f

266 noise

"Noise recorded directly from the 266.
+3dB/oct, Flat, -3DB/oct"

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