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Sunday, July 15, 2012 A New Eurorack Modular Arrives

"We, are a group of synth enthusiasts from Vienna/ Austria, engineering modular synthesizers for sound design and contemporary art.

The summer of love starts today, on Friday 13th.

After a few years of development we would like to announce the first eurorack module from our upcoming product series, the "Furthrrrr Generator".

You maybe know, which famous module our "Furthrrrr Generator" is inspired by. Some of you already had the opportunity to hear plenty fabulous demos by Kent in his "Complete and total teaser thread: New Dual Osc w/waveshaping".

Main features:
* 30 HP width, up to 1" in depth (super slim and therefore skiff friendly)
* All analog signal path inspired by and based on famous west coast synthesis — a module within the idea of harmonic generation based on additive synthesis theory
* 2 discrete OTA triangle-core VCOs both with hard- (resetable) and soft- (inverting) syncs. The cores are self made custom encapsulated circuits with decent results of tracking (up to 6 octaves) as well as fine temperature stability
* Selectable tracking (1 or 1.2 v/oct) by setting a jumper (we believe at last a few wigglers will appreciate that)
* Bolted potentiometers, wobble free for heavy duty
* Multi-turn frequency knobs sweep up to 10 octaves
* Oscillator tuners that simply always work
* Of course, RoHS and cat friendly smile

The harmonical section of the carrier oscillator involves a complex chain of waveshapers, crossfaders, wavefolder as well as the "Mood Index" with amplitude-, balanced-, frequency- and timbre-modulation.
Every parameter is voltage controlled, interacts with and depends on each others position. The whole scheme is a bit complex for immediate understanding. We consider the better way to understand it, is to start with forgetting about the waveforms – just explore it. Here is kind of a starmap for you to imagine the possibilities:

However – you may soon try the " – Furthrrrr Generator" at some established showrooms – we will announce where and when in this thread. We aim to start selling via the established synth retailers by fall/winter 2012. Video demonstrations will be made in the close future."

A little synth trivia: the first use of Endorphin in the name of a synth as far as I am aware of was with fibra's Endorphin QUAD SID.

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